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RPeople, our culture: tips for making the referrals that make our culture great


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When you’re passionate about where you work, you want to help others get in on a good thing. Or maybe you know someone with the skills to help make an already-strong team even stronger.  No matter why or how you make referrals, when you bring talented friends, colleagues and others on board, it’s a win-win-win: for the company who saves on recruiting costs, for the new hire, and for you – particularly if your company has a solid employee referral program in place.  Want to up your referral game? Here are four tips for not only making more referrals but raising the quality of the referrals you make.

Cast a wider net – Think beyond people you’ve worked with directly. Consider vendors who always go the extra mile. Students or interns who stepped up. People in entirely different industries/disciplines who would fit the culture. Speaking of culture…

Put culture first. And last. When it comes to making successful referrals, the skill set is a distant second to cultural fit. You’re not inviting a guest to a party; you’re adding a member of the family.  Does the person you’re considering exemplify the values we strive for? Are they going to make a meaningful contribution to our culture? Skills can be taught. Ultimately we are looking for people who are a culture addition, not just a fit.

Be creative.  People tend to recruit people who look, act, and sound like themselves. That’s natural. But it doesn’t add diversity to our culture. People who don’t fit the mold sometimes help change the mold. Bringing in people with entirely different backgrounds gives us a new perspective, new insights, and new opportunities to innovate. 

Be accountable. Set goals for yourself, e.g. “I will recruit one person per quarter.” Write them down. Hold yourself to them. Because thinking “I should make more referrals” is great. Actually making them is better. 

RPeople, the RingCentral Employee Referral Program, rewards employees for referrals— developing a chance to strengthen our eclectic, diverse culture – and win some sweet swag along the way. This summer’s “Refer, Receive Relax” theme features leisure-oriented prizes selected to help make the most of an unusual season. 

Most Referrals Submitted: Folding Hammock With Canopy

Most In-Person Interviews: Dual-Fuel Grill

Most Referrals Hired: Propane Fire Pit Table

Referrals help strengthen the culture that makes RingCentral a great place to work. We hope our tips help you find success both in and out of your network.

Originally published Aug 19, 2020, updated Feb 24, 2021

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