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Expanding in Eastern Europe

RingCentral has big plans for its European expansion — and that means new challenges and opportunities for security and IT specialists.


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  • RingCentral’s Chief Information Security Officer Heather Hinton is spearheading the continuous expansion of the company’s security team worldwide. 
  • The company’s new Network Operations Center in Tallinn, Estonia will offer incredible opportunities to both new and seasoned cybersecurity professionals.

Heather Hinton, Chief Information Security Officer

RingCentral is making moves across Europe, the Mideast and Africa – every one of which comes with a large, complex set of security and compliance challenges. But every move also means major opportunity. We sat down with Chief Information Security Officer Heather Hinton to gain a better understanding of what it takes to maintain the highest levels of compliance, security and performance while growing at incredible speed.  

Innovation. Growth. Velocity.

“When you innovate at the pace we do at RingCentral,” Hinton observed, “(Security) always has something to do.” Technological innovation and expansion bring about challenges from two primary areas: an ever-changing threat landscape and the unique risks of specific geographical areas. RingCentral’s security team is constantly monitoring for DDOS attacks, ransomware, malware, geopolitical threats and more. The SecOps team is constantly pressure-testing themselves to keep their edge, as well as responding to threats like Log4J , or whatever else comes down the pike. 

Think globally. Secure locally. 

In general, the EU enforces stricter privacy laws than the United States. Although RingCentral’s security team is already delivering best-in-class solutions above-and-beyond the status-quo, we’ve remained committed to putting our EU customers’ needs first.

The RingCentral team in Europe will be locally staffed and European customers will be deployed out of Europe resident infrastructures, which will host European customer data and support provision of our services from Europe. This will provide users with the peace of mind knowing their information is not only protected by EU laws, but physically within their borders.  Other companies might have tried to get EU approval for a North American approach, but RingCentral chose to meet local standards with local infrastructure and talent. “It’s the cleanest, clearest way to tell the marketplace – “We’ve heard you,” says Hinton. “It’s a position that says: “We understand, and we respect your data and treat it with the level of confidentiality that you have told us you require.””

Eastern Promise.

Right now, the company is building out a Network Operations Center in Tallinn, Estonia – a cosmopolitan, centrally located city that’s earned a reputation as a European tech hotspot. “First and foremost, Estonia boasts a high IT quotient amongst its population,” says Hinton, “…both young and experienced, which will give us access to the talent we need to succeed both now and later.”

Next-level cybersecurity. Next-level opportunities.  

“I’ve been in this space for a really long time, so I’m biased,” says Hinton, “but, I love this. I can’t imagine another career field with as many opportunities to do so many fun things, work with creative people, and really make an immediate contribution. Where do you have more impact, make a greater contribution, than cybersecurity?” Right now, RingCentral is hiring both new and experienced Application Security Testers, and Audit specialists, as well as SecOps and Service Abuse experts and more. If you see yourself at the forefront of cybersecurity, envision yourself as part of the RingCentral Tallinn team. 



Originally published Feb 09, 2022

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