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How TBC Food Sales grew sales by 92% in one year with RingCentral



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Meet TBC Food Sales: a small, independent business with two salespeople and two office employees working from home. Altogether, they’re in three different states.

Now, the juicy part. If you ever have a hankering for meat sweats courtesy of delicious bratwurst, breakfast sausage, ham, or bacon, TBC’s got you covered.

Although the team is in three states, its coverage area spans a whopping 17 states from the Mexican all the way to the Canadian border. 

“Before signing up with RingCentral, our biggest challenge week to week was being able to effectively communicate with 3,500 retail grocery stores,” says Larry, TBC’s President. 

“Today, our biggest challenge is filling the orders.”

That’s some incredible growth. Want to see how they did it?

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How do you increase sales by 92% in a year?

You guessed it. By using RingCentral.

“We began using RingCentral a little over a year ago, and in that year, our sales increased 92%,” says Larry. Wait. What? “That’s right. 92%.”

In 15 years of business, 2018 was by far the biggest year for TBC. 

A lot of that credit goes to RingCentral,” says Larry. “Especially the ease with which it has let us communicate en masse with our customer base—and at a cost that’s a fraction of hiring a salesperson.

RingCentral’s analytics reports.

For a company that needs to make a large amount of calls, being able to track the call quality is important too. TBC can do that easily with RingCentral’s analytics reports.


And the cost isn’t the only thing that’s working in TBC’s favor either.

One of the things that TBC’s customers love is that they can receive offers from the business without the hassle and inconvenience—and pressure—of a direct salesperson. This lets them take their time, look at their promotional calendars, and decide when they want TBC’s products, all on their schedule.

Amazing what having a good phone system can do.

We can literally do the work of an entire salesforce with just a few individuals.

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Growing with a non-traditional sales strategy

Larry’s looking forward to growing TBC’s geographical coverage area—without the extra planning and expense it would’ve taken under a traditional sales model. 

“With RingCentral, we can secure a region, gather the contact info for the customers in that region, and begin communicating with nearly all of them overnight. It’s amazing.”

I’ve been a salesman for over 20 years and the tools RingCentral offers to a small business like ours is unequalled in my experience.

We’re looking forward to watching TBC grow and share their delicious food across the country!

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Originally published Mar 01, 2020, updated Feb 24, 2022

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