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Speed thrills: RingCentral off to a fast start in Germany

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Working-from-home is a worldwide phenomenon, creating opportunities in the UCaaS space faster than anyone could have foreseen just two years ago. For RingCentral, it’s accelerated an expansion into Europe, with the company opening a new datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as a new office in Hamburg. According to Client Services Partner Liisel Jessop, the company got off the starting line at just the right moment.

“RingCentral is in a very good place. We have a world-leading product and a real sense of excitement—a sort of startup feel. Very, very flexible, and massively high-energy. There aren’t that many opportunities in Europe to really be a part of something important and new, as opposed to coming in as part of an already-established process.” 

Setting the stage for success

While RingCentral’s German presence is relatively small now, Jessop thinks the company is uniquely well-positioned to grow in short order. 

“Our presence right now is small— but we have laid the groundwork to succeed here. We are seen as a young player in the market, but with top-class product and excellent company culture – I expect the word to spread around very quickly.”


Establishing a local presence

Data security in Germany has its own set of rules. To stay compliant with the EU’s Cloud Computing Compliance Criteria Catalogue (C5), all team messaging, voicemails, audio and video recordings, call logs, faxes and analytics data must be stored locally. RingCentral’s new Frankfurt datacenter solves that problem.

“The Frankfurt datacenter keeps us in compliance with C5, and that’s a huge, huge obstacle that’s been removed,” says Jessop. “ Anyone who looks at our ease of use, the use of analytics, the increased productivity we provide, and our strategic partnerships can see we’re definitely geared up to lead the market.”


Join our growing team in Germany, with offices in Frankfurt and Hamburg.

Speed provides an edge

So how best to build the strength of our team? By spreading the news about a culture that’s built to move fast. 

“The product itself is reliable, secure and open, which is a difficult combination to achieve. Then there’s the culture, which I just find amazing. I joined on the 4th of January, and about a month later, I had a deal closed and implemented. If that’s not quick, I don’t know what is. The onboarding process was unbelievable – I knew who to talk to for what, and when an opportunity arrived, there was no delay. A customer reached out to me on a Wednesday; we closed on Friday and were live 10 working days later. Wow.” 


What would Jessop tell new recruits? To fasten their seatbelts. 

 “Anyone who wants to be part of an exciting journey in a flexible environment, will find (RingCentral) an unbeatable company to join. I love the speed we move at. It feels very much like a startup, but with the strength of a big company.” 


Big data, big opportunities

When she’s not closing deals at lightning speed, Jessop volunteers to help NGOs streamline their communications, and is involved with Women in Big Data – a group she thinks meshes naturally with RingCentral’s offerings. 

“Data helps people prepare and make better business decisions. Our product has an excellent analytics suite, our marketing function is very data-driven and I’m seeing other areas of the business use data in interesting ways as well. Anyone with an interest in data and analytics could find a role here, build their skills and be challenged.”

With the technology in place, a product in demand and a culture that’s built for speed, the road is wide-open. For RingCentral Germany, the Autobahn isn’t the only place to hit the accelerator. 


Originally published Mar 18, 2021, updated Mar 26, 2021

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