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An inviting environment: designer Devin Holub on what makes RingCentral a great workplace for women


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RingCentral’s culture is a critical element of our success. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where every employee is comfortable, able to contribute and inspired. If our success in building a women-friendly workplace is any indication, we’re making progress.  In 2020, RingCentral made the top ten on GirlClub’s “Most Female-Friendly Employer”- list Comparably’s “Best CEO for Women” – list  and their “Best Companies for Women” – list. In addition, Mogul added RingCentral to their “Top 100 Companies For Best Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives” – list. 

We asked Sales Channel Instructional Designer Devin Holub for a few insights into why RingCentral is garnering so much attention, and what that means for women who work here. 


What makes RingCentral a particularly welcoming company for women? 

“RingCentral is a special and welcoming environment for women because the culture is centered around learning, empowerment, and growth. If you have drive, and the intelligence to contribute, it is celebrated and you are recognized for it.” 


Why is being named on Comparably’s “Best Company For Women” – list meaningful?

“Being recognized for our work in diversity and inclusion in regards to women’s professional advancement is very fulfilling because in my experience, many companies “talk the talk” but very few “walk the walk.” RingCentral has always been supportive of women-led initiatives and making real changes for equality—like this year’s audit of salary discrepancies between men and women. It was incredibly transparent, and leadership communicated the importance that people were paid equitably for the same job regardless of race or sex.” 


What do you wish female candidates knew about RingCentral as a company? 

“I know it sounds cliché, but your opportunities are limitless at RingCentral. If you have the guts to leap and make a difference to your team and company output—the sky is the limit as to what you can achieve.” 


What could RingCentral do better to make this a great company for women? 

I think our women’s focused ERGs are really doing some cool and innovative programming- it helps to have a budget to continue to engage members. I think it would be extremely helpful for SaaSY Women get a Quarterly budget for programming. 


Any advice for women considering a career at RingCentral?   

“Make the move. Just go to our website, look at open positions, then reach out to me or another woman here at RingCentral so we can help sponsor you in your research and application for the role. We believe in giving a “hand-up” here, so please—take us up on the invitation.” 


We are honored to have made Comparably’s “Best Company For Women” – list, as well as the many other diversity awards we brought home in 2020. It’s gratifying to see progress in diversity and inclusion, and to continue building the industry’s most dynamic, diverse culture. We’re #workingtogether to create an environment that continually attracts the industry’s best. 

Originally published Jan 07, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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