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Glip and the digital candidate experience


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“Project Magellan” uses Glip to add humanity to the way we connect with talent. 

Anyone who’s ever applied for a job – particularly in technology – knows the drill: Send a résumé…and wonder if it disappeared right off the planet. Have a solid interview…then never hear back. It’s a process that disheartens candidates, discourages recruiters and damages employers’ reputations. That’s why RingCentral’s Talent Acquisition team is launching “Project Magellan”  – an initiative designed to leverage Glip’s (Now RingCentral App) “collaborative communication” capabilities to transform every aspect of the candidate experience — making the hiring process more personal, responsive and transparent than ever before. 


“All of us have been a candidate at one time in our lives.” says RingCentral VP of Employee Success/Global Talent Acquisition Alvin Lam. “And looking at feedback about that process, one of the biggest complaints from candidates is —they always get ghosted. They make a good connection…then don’t get a response at all. They feel like they fall into a black hole, no matter where it is they apply.”

Glip was built to provide greater agility and productivity by allowing people to communicate, share content, and manage projects – all within a single solution. According to Lam, Glip’s all-in-one user experience is the perfect antidote to the traditional hiring process. “(RingCentral) can definitely leverage Glip as a collaboration tool to change the candidate experience, because candidates get responses a lot quicker; they can also schedule, interview, on-board…all the things you would normally do in an end-to-end candidate experience – with Glip it all happens seamlessly, in one place.” 

Ultimately, Glip delivers smoother, more human communication with recruiters and hiring managers—which elevates the candidate experience a long way from “eating antacids while staring at the in-box.” 

Lam also sees the introduction of Glip as a powerful introduction to RingCentral’s vision and technology.

“Every RingCentral job description ends with an invitation for candidates to sign up for Glip. It’s a great product. There’s no download. And it’s free. We think – when all these users experience just how powerful and useful Glip is, that’s a benefit to both us and them. They’ve got a better communications platform to use, and a head start on understanding what we’re about, and why this is such an exciting time to be a part of RingCentral. It’s a powerful product demo that helps candidates instantly understand what we have to offer, and how we’re changing the world of work.”

Lam sees the benefits of Glip going beyond the hiring process, for both candidates and RingCentral.

“Our audience is already very experienced with video conference and messaging products. They expect to be able to communicate seamlessly at work, and in life. When they experience Glip for the first time, they immediately get what we’re doing – putting the best elements of those products all in one app. They’re sharing it with friends. It’s building our user base and getting candidates excited about what we do…all while making the hiring process work the way it should have all along.” 

When you put everything teams need to communicate, collaborate and connect together in a single, powerful platform, it changes everything – from the way companies hire and on-board to the ways teams innovate, iterate and deliver. It’s something of a “Why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?” – moment—and an exciting part of building the future of work. 

Originally published Jan 14, 2021, updated Dec 08, 2021

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