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Satmetrix Delivers Outstanding Customer Service Globally with RingCentral


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Satmetrix provides cloud-based customer experience management (CEM) software for companies worldwide. The company delivers the technology and expertise to mobilise loyal customers and retain at-risk customers before they churn. Satmetrix offers a variety of cloud-based CEM software to over 300 customers in 40+ languages based on Net Promoter®—a customer loyalty metric and discipline that uses customer feedback to fuel profitable growth. Satmetrix has their global headquarters based in the Silicon Valley, with their EMEA headquarters in London, as well as an additional office in India. With three global offices their employees are dispersed across multiple locations.

Life for Satmetrix before RingCentral

Before RingCentral, Satmetrix was using a hardware-heavy and cost intensive telecommunications system, which was not economical or easy to maintain. The company also struggled with the lack of control it had over the system when changing the settings on it. As explained by Selestin Thomas, Director of IT & Operations, Satmetrix, “We had no flexibility or in-house technical expertise to do the smallest of things such as call routing, adding a new line or changing company greetings, and so on. This was counterproductive and expensive in terms of maintenance cost and operational downtime.”

Why Satmetrix chose RingCentral

Satmetrix chose to switch their business’ phone service to RingCentral for the following reasons:

  • There’s no capital outlay and the system is cost effective with a breadth of features. They can pay for what they use only.
  • Already had proven success with RingCentral in the USA. This was one of the reasons for implementing RingCentral in their UK office.
  • Could rely on the dependable RingCentral infrastructure, with its 99.9% uptime.
  • It is easy to use. Satmetrix can manage the phone system flawlessly without much external assistance, which means the IT team can focus its time on other pressing issues.
  • Can offer a better work/life balance to staff. The RingCentral mobile application and call forwarding features enable employees to route calls to their mobiles on the fly so they never miss calls while travelling or when away from the office.
  • Impressed by the secure and robust nature of the system, which offers a second layer of authentication to prevent fraudulent usage.
  • Can scale the system to meet their needs. Satmetrix has the flexibility and ability to move offices, if needed, without any hassle or downtime. There’s no hardware to transport.

How RingCentral has empowered Satmetrix’s business

RingCentral’s phone system ensures that Satmetrix can provide the best possible customer experience:

  • The RingCentral auto-receptionist feature means Satmetrix can route calls to other offices to accommodate time zones, so customers can get hold of appropriate staff instantaneously.
  • The call recording feature helps staff to keep track of customer queries and concerns, and resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • RingCentral has worked with Satmetrix to train its technical staff and ensure that all staff can self-service RingCentral Office. Everyone can optimise the use of the phone system to improve the communications experience that their customers receive.

Importantly, RingCentral is always there to help Satmetrix out. As stated by Selestin Thomas, “For us, one of RingCentral’s unique selling points is its outstanding technical support.” Thomas elaborates further, “Their engineers have trained my team and created in-house trained resources, so we don’t need to contact RingCentral for most of the troubleshooting. And when we do need to contact them, their support team is incredibly responsive, helpful and efficient.”

Originally published Jul 08, 2014, updated Aug 27, 2020

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