rokstar events1 The events industry relies heavily on people and phone, and it takes a lot of talents to make an event successful. I’m excited to share a new case study about Rokstar Events, and how its owner leveraged the RingCentral APIs to keep track of all his events business activities in one platform and deliver what they do best: fantastic experiences at weddings and other parties and events.

rokstar events

Rokstar’s team is in constant phone communication with clients, venues, independent meetings planners and all the suppliers needed to make events successful. The company went beyond the basic RingCentral features and got creative by using the RingCentral APIs to integrate data about missed calls and voicemails directly into their customer contact and event management platform. This immersive experience means employees avoid the constant context switching required when dealing with multiple applications. Everyone is totally informed before calling back, productivity increases and clients are delighted.

Read the full case study here.