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RingTerns Pursue Cybersecurity Careers

For National Computer Security Day We Checked In With Our Interns


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  • November 30th is National Computer Security Day
  • NCSD is dedicated to educating the public about cyber threats

National Computer Security Day

In 1988, as a response to increasing threats of cyber attacks, a chapter of the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) created National Computer Security Day to raise public awareness every November 30. We think it’s the perfect opportunity to talk with some cybersecurity RingTerns about their mentorships and how the supportive environment at RingCentral sets them up to thrive.

RingTerns Focus on Cybersecurity

We recently interviewed Poojitha Achat, Application Security Intern and Malik Girondin, Security Analyst Intern, and Max Baer, Security Trust Intern, who each shared what led them to cybersecurity and the ways their RingCentral internship mentors helped build their skills and shape their career ambitions. 

Girondin’s career became laser-focused when the national cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline compromised computerized equipment on the pipeline, disrupting consumers and airlines on the East Coast.  

“Days later, I spoke with my shift lead about the incident. He told me that is why he was going to school for cybersecurity. I asked him, ‘What is cybersecurity?’ He said, ‘It is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use.’ I wanted to go down the security path and join the fight!” 

Malik Girondin, Security Analyst Intern

What Have You Learned at RingCentral?

All of the RingTerns we spoke with agreed that they found great mentors who set them up to thrive. While every intern has a unique experience at RingCentral, one name kept coming up with our cybersecurity interns, Kelly Malone! Mentorships at RingCentral are key for propelling our RingTerns forward in their cybersecurity careers.

Kelly Malone is the Senior Director of Application Security at RingCentral. She highly recommended multiple resources. She was also quick to correct me on my errors and gave me personal advice that I hold dear to my heart! Thank you so much, Kelly!” –Malik Girondin, Security Analyst Intern

“I can never thank Kelly Malone enough for this opportunity. Amiya Das, Project Manager, Security Business Unit and Guy Acosta, Senior Application Security Engineer push me to be the better version of myself every day. RingCentral is a compilation of talented individuals who are amazing at what they do.”-Poojitha Achat, App and Product Security Intern

“It’s an electric culture at RingCentral. I’ve learned that it’s not just product that makes a market leading company, it’s people, too.”Max Baer, Security Trust Intern

Our RingTerns agreed that keeping the public safe and secure online was their motivation for going into cybersecurity and each of them credited their RingCentral mentors for advising and guiding their growth. 

Cybersecurity News Sources

In a field that moves fast, it’s critical to stay aware of current trends, threats, and innovations. We asked both RingTerns how they stay current with cybersecurity news. Girondin told us aside from Reddit, he uses Feedly. “Feedly allows cybersecurity professionals and teams to follow a wide variety of trusted feeds all in one place, including websites and blogs.” Below are some of Girondin’s favorites:

Achat consults the TLDR Newsletter for up-to-date news about security and loves to listen to podcasts such as the Darknet Diaries, Smashing Security, Cyber Security Headlines, etc. Staying on top of current news is essential in the fast-paced world of cybersecurity.

Mentorship and an Inclusive Environment  

According to recent statistics from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) there are approximately 700,000 job openings in cybersecurity in the U.S. and the field is growing. Through supportive mentorships and an inclusive environment, RingTerns gain new technical skills, learn from industry experts, and network within a collaborative community of cyber professionals. 

“As a person of color, I had the opportunity to join the “BE@R” group at RingCentral (Black Employees at RingCentral). This group creates a sense of community, improves employee retention, and ultimately makes RingCentral a more welcoming workplace for people of color. This group BE@R is so important. A place to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace.” –Malik Girondin, Security Analyst Intern

We are proud to foster a creative and innovative community where cybersecurity interns are valued and celebrated. 

Originally published Nov 30, 2022

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