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RingSense for Sales is Going North: Hello, Canada!


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Today, we are thrilled to announce that our pioneering conversation intelligence platform, RingSense powered by our proprietary LLMs and AI, is expanding its beta program to our Canadian customers. This marks an exciting chapter in our mission to empower businesses globally to make sense of recorded interactions between people, like video meetings or phone conversations.

RingSense for Sales analyzes interactions between sales teams and their prospects. It then surfaces insights and sales performance measures. It uses AI and communications data to automate tasks for reps and managers. It sifts through countless volumes of interactions, digging up important gems so you don’t have to. It also gives sales leaders AI-driven coaching tools to help them train, mentor and support their team. Here’s how the revenue org wins with RingSense for Sales. It’s like a highly skilled sales coach – or a guide by your side on every customer call – available 24/7, with infinite memory and archives, perfectly accurate recall, and autonomously taking notes for you, putting them into your CRM system. 

“Bringing RingSense for Sales to Canada is our next big stride in harnessing the power of AI in business communications for global sales teams,” says Prashant Kukde, VP of Product for RingSense. “This platform extracts valuable insights from every conversation, provides automated meeting notes, and offers recommendations for next steps. It’s an absolute game-changer for Canadian sales teams, enabling them to close deals faster and more effectively.”

Here’s what Canadian businesses can anticipate from RingSense for Sales:

  1. Automated follow-ups to drive productivity: AI-driven interaction summaries, notes, and follow-ups are automatically loaded into a CRM or productivity suite, increasing disposition and facilitating better management of customer interactions.
  2. AI-generated summary scoring: Interaction-level scoring and reporting helps managers prioritize conversations that need the most attention without sifting through conversations manually.
  3. Integrations with 3rd party apps: Integrates with leading CRMs (including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho); calendar applications (Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook), and call and video meeting providers.
  4. Ability to track keywords and phrases (trackers): Enables teams to track keywords and phrases, such as competitor names or product features, and adjust or fine-tune the trackers. Also, AI can focus on the concepts that are relevant to the organization, not just the words.
  5. Deal intelligence: Predicts deal stage through call scoring to ensure you have the right pipe coverage at all times. It also automatically identifes opportunity risks across your entire sales org.

This launch also brings our open platform approach to AI, with the introduction of AI APIs to Canadian developers. This allows users to access their own data, enabling extraction of transcriptions, summarizations, sentiment analysis, and interaction analysis for voice, video, and chat, no matter the platform.

“Our mission is to offer solutions that resonate with the unique requirements of Canadian business professionals” says Kevin Krempuluc, AVP of RingCentral Canada Sales. “RingSense embodies this mission immaculately – it’s not just another AI tool. It’s a high-caliber, business-transforming solution that becomes an integral part of your sales ecosystem. It’s as though we’re equipping your team with a dedicated assistant who meticulously sifts through interactions, distills valuable insights, and proposes strategic actions that lead to meaningful results. RingSense revolutionizes the sales processes, enabling businesses to transcend traditional boundaries and usher in a new era of AI-driven success.

Transparency, efficiency, and predictive insights form the cornerstone of today’s sales organizations. RingSense’s native AI capabilities position our customers at the forefront of the AI revolution, redefining what’s possible in the realm of intelligent sales. We’re thrilled to extend this groundbreaking platform to our Canadian customers and excited to see the transformative impact it will have on their businesses.” – Kevin Krempuluc, AVP of RingCentral Canada Sales

We’re thrilled to welcome our Canadian friends to the RingSense for Sales experience. Let’s reshape the future of intelligent sales, together. 

Find out more at and learn all about our AI APIs that are in beta and free to use for any developer today here

Want to join our beta and help build the world’s best conversation intelligence tool for sales? Reach out to us and we will be in touch shortly!

Originally published Aug 09, 2023

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