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RingCentral's top 10 CX innovations: Q1 2023

ringcentral CX innovation - new agent experience


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Innovations that elevate customer experience

Taking the time to understand the customer experience helps you create an exceptional experience tailored to the unique needs of your customers. This builds trust and loyalty in your brand and ensures customers keep returning for more. 

Investing in technologies such as digital channels or automated customer service systems helps you further elevate the customer experience by providing faster response times and more accurate information. With that goal in mind, RingCentral has once again introduced product enhancements to help you level up your customer experiences even more. 

Here are ten examples of CX at its finest.

1. Customized digital-first chat

ringcentral CX innovations: digital first chat

Downloading third-party content comes with unacceptable security risks for some companies, such as banks or other organizations in highly regulated industries. However, because customers prefer digital chat as a main channel of communication, those companies still need digital chat solutions. RingCentral helps companies overcome this conundrum.

RingCentral’s low-code software development kit (SDK) enables your contact center to easily offer digital-first chat and create custom chat channels that offer personalized experiences for each user. With the help of SDKs, your business can build out live chat and single and multi-threaded messaging systems to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. 

2. Digital surveys in Feedback Management

ringcentral CX innovations - surveys in feedback management

Want immediate feedback regarding your customer interaction on the channel used for that interaction? You can have it with RingCentral.

Contact centers can now send channel-specific surveys automatically to customers on supported channels immediately following an interaction on that channel. Providing instant surveys on the channel the customer is using increases the chances of the customer responding to the survey. Their response, in turn, can be used to continuously improve the customer experience. It’s a virtuous cycle that keeps giving over time!

3. Improved Apple Messages for business integration

ringcentral cx innovations - apple business for chat

Multiple communication channels make it easier for your customers to interact with you. With the integration of Apple Messages for Business, Engage Digital is providing an even better messaging experience. Businesses now have the opportunity to communicate with their customers using Apple Chat to send messages, photos, and videos quickly and easily. These interactions can be fun and engaging with text, GIFs, stickers, and more.

Innovations that empower agents and supervisors

Your customers are not the only ones looking for better experiences. Agents and supervisors want great experiences too. Some of RingCentral’s recent updates enhance agent productivity by simplifying workflows as well as  providing AI -powered real-time guidance on interactions. Other updates are geared toward making supervisors’ jobs easier by giving them a unified, easy-to-use interface.   

4. New Supervisor Experience

ringcentral cx innovation - enhanced supervisor experience

As a supervisor, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the job. That’s why we’re excited to introduce RingCentral’s new supervisor user experience, designed to ensure supervisors can do their jobs more effectively. Our unified interface allows supervisors to to easily monitor customer sentiment and identify key performance issues across voice and digital channels and take quick corrective action.

5. New Agent Experience

ringcentral CX innovation - new agent experience

It’s important that contact center agents have an intuitive and modern user experience (UX) that  simplifies their management of all voice and digital interactions. With RingCentral’s new UX, agents have greater visibility into customer journeys and are able to provide more personalized customer service. Capabilities also include a single inbox for all channels, a single contact card for all relevant customer information, and more controls for customization.

6. Real-time Guidance and Coaching with Balto integration

ringcentral cx innovation - balto integration

RingCentral’s recent integration with Balto is designed to give your contact center agents the confidence they need as experienced professionals, irrespective of their skill levels. Real-time Guidance and Coaching guides agents – and alerts supervisors– in real time to ensure excellent CX and EX, and provide automated quality assurance within RingCentral Contact Center and Engage Voice. AI rides along with agents to guide them on what to say and how to say it in the manner designed to boost customer sentiment and drive positive business outcomes. Supervisors are alerted on critical calls so they can provide in-the-moment assistance to ensure excellent interactions. 

7. Google integration for Desk API/WebHID

ringcentral cx innovation - google for desk api

The level of productivity your agents achieve can make or break your organization’s profitability, and reducing agent stress is one great way to boost productivity. Google Integration for Desk API/WebHID is a powerful tool that can help increase agent productivity and reduce cognitive stress within Engage Voice. It serves up customer-relevant information from different tools, such as customer data, call recordings, and customer profiles, so that agents have exactly what they need in the moment.

Eliminating tedious manual search for information, this tool puts the right information at your agents’ fingertips, saving your agents time and your contact center money in the process. 

Innovations to gain operational insights and enhance security

As we discussed, providing better customer and agent experiences plays a huge role in making a contact center more effective. But, what about efficiency? RingCentral has that covered as well, with upgrades that give contact centers additional operational insights—all while enhancing security for sensitive customer data.

8. Role-based Access Control

ringcentral cx innovation - role based access control

Role-based access control is becoming increasingly important in customer service settings. In order to protect customer data adequately, it is critical to limit access to customer data based on what is relevant to a region or business unit.

RingCentral’s Role-based Access Control allows managers to assign multiple views to agents based on the team or skills they possess, ensuring that agents are only able to access the information relevant to their jobs. It also prevents them from viewing sensitive customer data, allowing organizations to protect their customers’ privacy and maintain data security.

9. Digitally optimized BI reports

ringcentral CX innovation - new BI reports

Organizations are beginning to understand the need for Unified Business Intelligence (BI) reports to gain a better understanding of their performance across channels. By consolidating voice and digital reporting into one interface, companies can now access a comprehensive view of their operations through expanded metrics such as customer satisfaction scores, customer journey analytics, and more. This provides a higher level of efficiency and allows for faster decision-making based on unified and accurate data.

10. Improved Agent SLA Indicator

ringcentral cx innovation - new SLA indicator

With Ring Central’s improved Agent SLA Indicator, contact center agents can now monitor their own service level agreement (SLA) indicators in real time. This helps them quickly identify areas where they need to improve their performance and take corrective action. The indicator also provides a clear view of the agent’s performance over time, allowing them to track their progress and identify trends.

Choose RingCentral for optimized customer and agent experiences

In today’s highly competitive customer service landscape, providing an exceptional customer experience is key to success. RingCentral is at the forefront of this effort, continually finding and optimizing ways to provide the best customer experience possible. From Digital-first chat to instant surveys on preferred customer channels, RingCentral is committed to providing a seamless, efficient, and reliable customer experience every time.

At the same time, RingCentral provides everything needed to empower agents and supervisors, which is crucial given the importance of agent productivity. For organizations looking to gain deeper operational insights and enhanced security for their customer data, RingCentral is the clear choice.

To learn more about RingCentral Contact Center, request a demo today.

Originally published Jan 18, 2023, updated Jan 08, 2024

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