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RingCentral Video - changing the way the world works


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Adding features to yesterday’s platform isn’t a pitch engineers typically get excited about.

Redesigning the way the world works is a different story.

RingCentral Video, a fully integrated solution for video conferencing, screen sharing, and messaging, launched in April of this year—just as the world began experiencing the largest work from home demand ever. By building a truly unified product that contains messaging, videoconferencing, scheduling and sharing, and integrating RingCentral’s full suite of productivity tools, RingCentral Video becomes more than a one-stop work-from-home solution.

It becomes a radical rethinking of the nature of meetings themselves.

As RingCentral’s VP of Product Management Sasha Berman says, “We can completely fundamentally rethink the meeting experience from just being an event to being a lifecycle.”

Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President Will Moxley adds, “ (We) give you a place where you can prepare for a meeting, have the meeting and then follow up after the meeting. So you can actually get work done—not just the actual transactional meeting itself.” 

What could motivated engineers do with an opportunity like that? 

How exciting would it be to actually change the way work, works? 

Dreaming big dreams is great; bringing them to life is a different story.  Moxley thinks it’s one RingCentral Video is perfectly positioned to handle:  “We have mastered cloud telephony. Now we are laser-focused on video meetings. In fact, our video experts have been able to contribute several enhancements to the WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) Standard leveraged by our video meetings solution.

Moxley also thinks the team behind RingCentral Video is a key ingredient for success. “We have experience from the best SaaS companies here: Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft—people are bringing all the experiences and trajectories they had working at those companies to RingCentral to help us build the next generation of communication and collaboration solutions. That’s exciting, bringing all that experience from all these great companies together to help make that happen.”

Pioneering experience? Check.

Visionary approach? Check. 

The only thing left? More great people. 

According to Berman, that’s never been a problem at RingCentral. 

“RingCentral is incredibly collaborative. I can swing by anybody’s desk pretty much at any time and say “Can you please help me understand what this is, or how does this work?”  And no matter how busy people are, they’ll make the time to explain.”

By taking a holistic approach to the ways technology can improve communications, RingCentral Video is changing the nature of meetings, productivity, and work itself. Add in some of the most talented people in the industry, not to mention the highest possible bar for quality, and you’ve got an atmosphere where career-defining opportunities are everywhere. 

Originally published May 22, 2020, updated Sep 22, 2020

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