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Introducing RingCentral Ventures: What do we do?


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  • RingCentral Ventures is the strategic investment arm of RingCentral and the latest addition to the company.
  • Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and early-stage companies in bringing their innovations to life.
  • Since our founding, we’ve partnered with several startups in the communications and collaboration market: Balto, TaskHuman, and
  • Check out our debut at RingCentral Connect 2021 here.


Great companies with incredible ideas are born every day. And like all innovators small and large, those companies want to share their ideas with the world. In fact, at some point, the companies we all work for today were startups too—hoping for a big break.

At RingCentral, we know the struggles and triumphs that come along with being an early-stage company. We started out as a small, unknown phone carrier servicing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—a pedigree we held for many years. 

Kira Makagon, Chief Innovation Officer, introduces RingCentral Ventures at RingCentral Connect 2021. See the full clip here.


Thanks to investors like Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, and many others, we’ve now expanded to serve both SMBs and large enterprises across the world. To top it off, we hit our $1 billion revenue milestone in 2019.

We’ve made it a mission to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of RingCentral Ventures.

What is RingCentral Ventures?

RingCentral Ventures is the strategic investment arm of RingCentral. Our aim is to seek out exceptional founding teams with exciting new innovations in the communications and collaboration space and help bring their ideas to life.

RingCentral Ventures will focus on supporting entrepreneurs and early-stage startups that are driving breakthrough innovation in modern communications and collaboration.

—Kira Makagon, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive VP at RingCentral

More than just capital

Capital investments are obviously the biggest drivers of startups, but RingCentral Ventures offers much more to partners than just funding.

  • Advice: Technical and business expertise in cloud communications and collaboration.
  • Mentorship: Hands-on guidance from our seasoned leadership team.
  • Validation: The backing of a well-recognized industry leader and innovator.
  • Exposure: Learn from RingCentral’s global customer base and go-to-market approach.

Our portfolio

To date, we’ve invested with several key partners we believe will continue to push the envelope for business communications and the customer experience in the workplace.

In case you missed our RingCentral Connect announcement, here are the first organizations in the RingCentral Ventures program. 



Balto is an AI-based call center coaching platform that gives call center agents automated real-time coaching and feedback to help them better serve customers and meet their goals.



With the rise of remote and hybrid work, many employees are struggling more than ever with issues related to wellness. TaskHuman empowers workers to be their well-thiest selves with one-on-one video coaching from professionals on more than 800 wellness topics.



The B2B sales process is a cumbersome one—full of presentation decks, video meetings, and other collateral. Keeping content organized and ready-made for clients can often be a monumental challenge for sales teams.

Enable streamlines the process by allowing users to create unified deal rooms, where all that information lives within a single link. Enable tracks all deal room activity, providing insights and real-time alerts to sales teams.

More exciting Ventures to come

We’re just getting warmed up with these announcements. Keep an eye out for upcoming partnerships as we explore more work-from-anywhere pioneers and teams offering exciting new innovations and exceptional user experiences. 

And if that sounds like your company, maybe we can build something together. Learn more about RingCentral Ventures here.

Originally published Oct 13, 2021, updated Oct 21, 2021

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