When you contact RingCentral customer support, we often ask you for the version number of your RingCentral softphone (learn more about what they are) so we can better troubleshoot the issue you’re experiencing. There are two ways you can obtain this information:

1. Click on the RingCentral logo at the bottom of the softphone. This will launch a window specifying the “Build,” or version number.

2. Click on the Menu tab on the softphone, then go to Help>About. This will launch a window specifying the “Build,” or version number.

Don’t yet have the softphone installed on your computer? If you’re on the (new) Cloud Touch interface, visit this link to download. You can also watch our how-to video for an overview of the installation process.

On our legacy interface? Simply navigate to the Download tab in your online account and click Download Now.

Click here to download a copy of the RingCentral softphone user guide.