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RingCentral helps the fast-growing Golden State Warriors organization collaborate like an all-star team


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  • Serving fans: With their business numbers accessible from any device, and the RingCentral Video app, the Warriors staff can stay connected with season ticket members and other guests more easily than ever.
  • Enhancing teamwork: Leveraging RingCentral’s any-device phone and video capabilities, as well as RingCentral Rooms, allows the geographically distributed Warriors employees to collaborate seamlessly across their multiple locations.
  • Scaling seamlessly: Having one unified cloud communications solution that can scale quickly and easily to meet their growing needs is helping the Warriors expand into new locations, add employees rapidly, and confidently start new ventures.

Seven-Time NBA Champions

The NBA’s Golden State Warriors have accumulated a lot of victories in the team’s 76-year history—including the league record for most wins ever in a single season.

But as successful as the team has been on the court—bringing home its seventh championship in 2022—the Warriors organization has been racking up successes outside the sports arena as well. 

In recent years, the organization has expanded into new lines of business, added new facilities throughout California—most notably its new Chase Center home arena, office complex, and entertainment space—and increased its full-time staff by several hundred percent.

One reason the Warriors organization has been able to continue collaborating and operating as one team, even during such rapid growth and geographic expansion, is that all Warriors employees are united on a shared cloud communications platform that lets them connect from anywhere, on any device. 

The NBA’s Golden State Warriors use RingCentral to keep their champion workforce connected—and winning


RingCentral proves a key player for the Warriors organization 

Daniel Brusilovsky, Vice President of Technology for the Warriors, describes the tremendous growth of the organization that he’s witnessed, and why RingCentral’s cloud-based phone and video conferencing solution has played a pivotal role in supporting that growth.

“When I started here, we operated out of an office in Oakland near the arena where our team played—a venue we didn’t own. Now we’re running a full-scale entertainment and media organization with facilities up and down the state and an employee count five times the size of our Oakland days. What’s amazing is that we’re still able to communicate, collaborate, and create together as if we were all in the same office—largely because we have RingCentral.”

Refusing to let COVID deal their team a loss

When the lockdowns went into effect across California, the Warriors organization huddled, regrouped, and found ways to continue serving fans and planning for the future even with their staff working from home—many for the first time ever. 

And as Daniel points out, the team’s trusted RingCentral partner played a valuable role—allowing employees to stay connected to each other and the team’s fans with cloud phone and video conferencing capabilities on their laptops and mobile devices. 

“One tool we made great use of during COVID was RingCentral Webinar. We used it to host large gatherings like employee town halls and meetings with our season ticket members. These get-togethers were invaluable for keeping our staff engaged and making sure our members knew we were thinking about them. RingCentral functioned as the heartbeat of the Warriors organization while we were all locked down.”

After the lockdowns, RingCentral helps the Warriors rebound quickly

As some members of the Warriors staff returned to the San Francisco headquarters to prepare for the organization’s first live event at Chase Center since the lockdowns began, Daniel’s team realized they would need to adjust their communications environment in the office to accommodate the new, hybrid working arrangements. They quickly found a solution.

“We knew we’d need a lot of close coordination among our staff—some in the office, others staying remote—to make our Chase Center events successful. Our RingCentral rep suggested equipping our conference areas with RingCentral Rooms. That proved a huge success. We had people in conference rooms meeting with remote coworkers on huge display monitors. Before long, every conference room was filled with employees running hybrid team meetings like this.”

A partnership that keeps racking up wins

As Daniel points out, RingCentral proved a valuable communication partner helping the organization expand seamlessly, a clutch player during the lockdowns, and a valuable partner in helping the organization find creative solutions to facilitate a post-lockdown hybrid workforce. 

“From the flexible solutions to the responsive account-management team to the outstanding customer support we consistently receive, having RingCentral as our communications provider has been one of the most valuable partnerships we’ve had had in a long time.” He adds: “No matter how big our organization gets, or how wide our geographic footprint, we’re confident that RingCentral will always help keep us connected—and feeling like Warriors.”

Originally published Nov 22, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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