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Jacoby & Meyers didn’t expect to save a fortune with RingCentral—but they’re not objecting


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  • Improving service: Because RingCentral allows employees to communicate with clients from anywhere, and using whichever form of communication they prefer, Jacoby & Meyers is able to provide an even better client experience.
  • Enhancing collaboration: All 250 employees nationwide are unified in one communications environment where they can connect by phone, video, message, and SMS. This is enabling more streamlined internal communication than ever.
  • Saving money: By consolidating numerous communication services into one solution—which includes all of the functionality the firm needs—Jacoby & Meyers has cut its phone bill by 50% since moving to RingCentral.

Voted the #1 personal injury law firm

For 50 years, the legal experts at Jacoby & Meyers have been helping personal injury victims hold the negligent parties accountable—and receive high-dollar settlements and recoveries. To date, in fact, the firm has recovered more than $1 billion in compensation for its clients.

The firm’s reputation for both outstanding client service and a high success rate has led to numerous legal industry awards. It has also earned Jacoby & Meyers many honors from the public—including multiple Readers’ Choice Awards from The Los Daily News.

RingCentral helped southern California’s #1 personal injury law firm cut its phone bill in half

A phone system no longer making a case for itself

Michael Akiva, Managing Partner for Jacoby & Meyers, explains that the firm’s rapid growth was increasingly taxing its outdated, feature-poor phone system. “We’d ask our phone vendor if the system would let us do X, and they’d say, ‘No, we don’t have X. But it’s a great idea, and we’ll add it to our roadmap.’”

And although the vendor made good on some of these promises—slowly adding several of Jacoby & Meyers’ requested features to its solution—Michael and his team decided this was not the way to improve their firm’s telephony environment.

“We didn’t want to be pulling our phone vendor along to keep up with our needs. We wanted a solution that had everything we needed right out of the gate—and that actually pushed us forward.”

An implementation so smooth they still can’t believe it

After Michael and his partners selected RingCentral—on the strong recommendations of two trusted colleagues at other law firms—they braced themselves for a turbulent period while the firm’s technology team migrated the phone system over to RingCentral. But, he says, their concerns proved unnecessary. 

“I can’t believe how smooth our RingCentral implementation was. My partners and I were preparing for, at best, a short period of telephony chaos. How can you move 250 people to a new phone system and not have some disruption to people’s workflows? But we didn’t. RingCentral just started working right away.”

A cloud communications solution improving operations across the firm

With everyone on his 250-person staff using RingCentral for business communications on their cell phones and laptops, Michael points out that the firm began experiencing numerous workflow improvements.

“One huge advantage of having RingCentral was the ability to give our clients a single number to reach us—however they preferred, and wherever we happened to be. Before RingCentral, we had one number for texts, a desktop phone line, and a separate line for faxing. Clients needed all three numbers depending on how they wanted to communicate. Now, they can reach us through all those methods from one number. That’s letting us improve our client experience.”

Additionally, RingCentral also helps the firm’s employees—most of whom are now working remotely—connect with each other more easily than ever. “To reach a coworker using our old system, I’d have to find their extension in a spreadsheet. Now I can just type the person’s name in the RingCentral app, click their extension when it pops up, and get connected.”

An unexpected telecom-cost reduction

Finally, Michael points out that although cost hadn’t been a driving factor in his team’s move to RingCentral, it turns out the migration has in fact lowered the firm’s overall telephony expenses considerably.

“Because our old phone system needed so much work to meet our needs, we had to pay for a lot of add-ons and customization. That added up so much, in fact, that by the time we managed to consolidate all of these communication services onto one platform, we realized that RingCentral was slashing our overall phone costs by 50%.”

Originally published Nov 18, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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