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RingCentral Engage Voice helps The Office Gurus win new clients—and saves current clients millions


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  • Exceeding KPIs: The Office Gurus leverages RingCentral Engage Voice to meet and even exceed its clients’ average handle times, speed to leads, and other KPIs.
  • Saving money: By helping clients increase their contact center capacity and efficiency—with the help of RingCentral—the company is saving its clients significantly.
  • Training superstars: Using RingCentral’s detailed reporting to monitor performance, managers can quickly identify issues and continually improve their agents’ skills.

A multiple-award-winning business process outsourcing company

The Office Gurus (TOG) has earned a reputation as a leader in business process outsourcing solutions. Client demand for the company’s customized contact center services has been so explosive, that TOG has scaled to more than 3,200 highly trained support and sales agents. The company has also expanded well beyond its Florida headquarters, adding offices in El Salvador, Belize, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.

The global company has also won numerous industry awards—including Best Global Call Center by Latin America News and Best Business Process Outsourcing Provider on the Lawyer International Legal 100 list, and most recently Nearshore Company of the Year by Nearshore Americas. 

With RingCentral Engage Voice, This Global Provider of Outsourced Call Center Services Saves One of its Clients $3.2 Million a Year

RingCentral helps provide a competitive advantage 

Jaimie Bell, VP of Client Solutions, points out that The Office Gurus does not simply offer a generic menu of call and contact center services. Instead, TOG works with every client to customize an outsourcing solution to meet that business’s unique needs. TOG can provide such flexibility and agility, she says, in large part due to two competitive advantages.

“First, we’ve created processes to successfully vet, hire, onboard, and coach our agents in such a way that leads to outstanding performance,” Jaimie explains. “Our other advantage are the core technologies we use to power our global contact center operations—particularly RingCentral Engage Voice.” 

Using RingCentral Engage Voice’s capabilities to exceed clients’ expectations

As Jaimie points out, her team leverages the Engage Voice platform to improve agents’ workflows and exceed client KPIs.

“RingCentral Engage Voice is so flexible and easy to configure that we can quickly set processes to meet any SLAs or campaign needs. With outbound calls, some clients require an agent dialing within minutes of an inquiry. Others want those calls happening within 30 seconds, or even 10. The dialing strategies and re-queue settings we can create in RingCentral let us achieve any of those objectives and record the data to prove it.”

Leveraging Engage Voice to land new business

Exceeding KPIs for existing clients is not the only way TOG is benefiting from RingCentral Engage Voice. Jaimie notes that the company also uses the platform to turn prospects into new clients.

“One way RingCentral Engage Voice helps us win business is by allowing us to share call traffic with a new client and then easily adjust the percentages we’re each handling,” she says. 

“Some companies want to manage the handoff in phases, moving more of their customer calls as they become more comfortable with us. RingCentral allows prospective clients to manage the transition at their own pace.”

Quantifying positive results for clients with RingCentral’s reporting

Jaimie also points out that RingCentral’s detailed reporting and analytics capabilities help TOG’s Client Solutions and Operations departments continually monitor performance, learn what’s working and where teams need help, and even quantify with clients the positive effects of the company’s services.

“RingCentral lets us get so granular with our call data,” Jaimie says, and she cites several examples of how the company has used this data to demonstrate its value to clients.

“An apparel company came to us with several challenges: to fix its high abandon rates and long on-hold times as well as set up a new channel for customer acquisition and win-backs. We used RingCentral Engage Voice for everything, and the results thrilled our new client: increased average order value by 25%, increased answer rate from 78% to 92%, and shortened average time to answer from 133 seconds to 8 seconds.”

Another example Jaimie highlights: “We used Engage Voice to quickly spin up an outsourced contact center team for a university’s admissions department. They needed help qualifying their large number of student inquiries—quickly, because students are often investigating many schools at once. Using Engage Voice, we were able to reduce the cost per transfer by 55.7%, which the university estimated created a $3.2 million annual savings while increasing the number of qualified leads by 34%.”

Jaimie concludes, “Between the functionality RingCentral Engage Voice gives our agents and the rich data it allows us to analyze, we’re able to meet and exceed KPIs for our clients that our competitors can’t match. And we have the stats—and the long-term client relationships—to prove it.”

Originally published Nov 08, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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