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RingCentral Gives Littleton Group Assurance for Insurance


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The Littleton Group assists its clients nationwide by providing them with customized insurance claims administration and litigation management programs. Founded in 1979, The Littleton Group has 125 employees dispersed amongst 24 locations throughout Texas and New Mexico.

The employees at all of The Littleton Group’s locations are using several of RingCentral’s features on a daily basis. One of the most useful feature for them has been the ability to record phone calls to obtain statements needed for insurance claims. “With our previous service, we had all of the adjusters lines recorded, which meant every call because that was the only option. If someone needed a particular statement for a claim I would have to manually go through thousands of calls to find it,” says Grayson. “With RingCentral, our adjusters have on demand recording, which is easy to use and accessible.”

With their phone solution provider, James Grayson, Director of IT at The Littleton Group, and his colleagues were forced to rely heavily on the provider to make any changes to the phone system. One issue in particular included changing the after hours and out of office automated voice messages. Several times while the business was closed for a holiday, the help desk ticket failed to get processed properly to route to their automated greeting; thus, forcing Grayson to work on the holiday to get it fixed. “If our phone system has even one minute of downtime or is not routed correctly, it could mean a customer’s call goes unanswered,” says Grayson. “Our clients’ customers are our top priority and we have to be able to respond to all claims calls.”

The RingCentral mobile app is another feature used by employees while they work remotely. Grayson in particular enjoys this feature because he can provide tech support for his team no matter where he is. “Being able to control the phone system from my cell phone is convenient,” says Grayson. “If I’m away from home and the office, even if I’m at the park with my kids, I can make any necessary changes.”

Employees can set their calls to forward from their desk phones to mobile devices if they are going to be out of the office, change their voicemail recordings and even change their hold music. “Communication is key at our company, and RingCentral helped us with that,” says Grayson. “Since we started using RingCentral I’ve freed up several hours per day, at least fifteen hours per week, to be able to work on other projects. It’s a whole different world.”

Switching to RingCentral has saved Grayson and his team a significant amount of time. Since the existing phones at The Littleton Group’s 24 locations were able to be simply re-provisioned, all locations were on boarded at once with minimal downtime. Now that employees have been empowered by the freedom and flexibility to customize their own settings, Grayson no longer needs to send as many tickets to remote tech support for assistance.

Originally published Jun 24, 2014, updated Aug 20, 2021

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