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RingCentral Expands Ecosystems and Broadens Capabilities of Connect Platform


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Connect-Platform-2.0-BlogThis week we are expanding RingCentral’s platform for developers with new APIs, plus the version 1.0 release of SDKs for PHP and C#.

Since we announced the open beta release of the RingCentral Connect™ Platform in February, we have been happy to see a surge in interest from independent software vendors, as well as customers like Construction Monitor and 24HR Lockouts, who have built their own custom applications using the RingCentral application programming interface (API).

RingCentral offers its own integrations with prominent cloud platforms, including a recent update for and the introduction of one for Microsoft 365. Since the end of Q1 2015, RingCentral has more than tripled the number of registered developers and third party applications in production have grown significantly.  In addition, the number of API calls from third-parties has increase by more than 6X in the past quarter.  

Recent additions to the family include:

  • Apptivo: Apptivo’s cloud-based suite of business apps includes CRM, Project Management, Invoicing, and Helpdesk software. A full-featured integration with RingCentral means our shared customers to enjoy seamless, efficient workflow that leverages the best of both services.
  • BPMOnline: A Sales cycle and service management software, BPMOnline is integrated with RingCentral using their VoIP connector via SIP.
  • Connectivity: A leading provider of customer profiles for businesses large and small, Connectivity built an innovative BI solution for RingCentral customers so they can receive profile information (geo, gender, income level, etc.) purely based on phone numbers.
  • Nutshell: Nutshell’s CRM software uses the RingCentral Softphone APIs for inbound screen pop, where the records of recognized customers automatically appear on a representative’s desktop, as well as click-to-call for phone numbers within the customer app.
  • PCRecruiter: PCRecruiter will let recruiters contact clients and job candidates more efficiently, using the API for RingCentral Softphone calls and SMS texts. This includes click-to-dial, as well as screen pop for incoming calls.
  • Sikka Call Optimizer: integrates with most dental, optometry, veterinary, and audiology practice management software to maximize patient communication and engagement. This integration automatically presents critical and consolidated patient information immediately when a patient calls, dramatically improving the practice’s service accuracy and speed.
  • TeamSupport: A customer support software, TeamSupport can be configured to integrate with RingCentral Softphone to perform click-to-dial and inbound screen pop use cases.

We are also happy to count Zoho as an early API development partner, and we look forward to adding many more. To simplify that process, we are releasing 1.0 versions of both the PHP and C# software developer kits (SDKs). While the API can be accessed from any language, using REST function calls, the SDKs shortcut the process.

An early version of the PHP SDK had previously been published to GitHub and has already been used as part of production applications. Now, it’s official, with a refined and expanded set of simplified methods for accessing RingCentral platform functions.

New features of the PHP SDK include:

  • PSR-7 Support and Error-Handling: PHP SDK 1.0 complies with the latest PHP standard recommendation from the PHP-FIG group.
  • Binary Downloads: Enables download of binary files such as call recordings, voicemails, and faxes.
  • Multipart Request Generator: Simplifies sending faxes with the RingCentral API in the correct format.

This is our first release of an SDK for C#, an essential language for development on Microsoft’s .NET framework. With the C# API, we are answering a significant demand from customers and partners who build applications on the Windows platform. Because the C# API also includes support for the Xamarin cross-platform development framework, it can also be used to create iOS and Android apps.

Features of the C# SDK include:

  • Authentication Helper: Removes the need to actively manage authenticated sessions.
  • Event Subscription Helper: Simplifies writing API calls that track the presence and call events.
  • Simplified API Calls: Supports common functions such SMS, fax, and fetching RingCentral data.
  • Xamarin Components: Lets C# developers to write native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Meanwhile, we have added two key API calls:

  • Three-Legged OAuth: Applications can now add pre-built Web elements that prompt users to log in to RingCentral and grant the application access to data within that account.
  • Call Recording Access: Allows customers or partners to retrieve one or more call recordings as WAV files for archival or further processing (such as transcription and indexing).

What we have achieved so far with the RingCentral Connect Platform is exciting, but there is much more to come. We look forward to bringing you more news about the API itself – and what our customers and partners are doing with it!

Originally published Oct 01, 2015, updated Jan 22, 2021

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