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RingCentral Events: Build community & increase audience reach with LinkedIn integration

RingCentral Events LinkedIn integration


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By Ben Wu,  Zakir Tyebjee (Director, Product Management) & Kaylee Deigan (Team Lead, Channel Partnerships)

As an event attendee, one of the best parts about events (whether in-person or virtual) is the aspect of networking or community: building connections and meeting other like-minded professionals, sharing and exchanging ideas, and learning new skills.

Building communities is also beneficial to event organizers as well! As your audience becomes more active and engaged, they become positive supporters of your brands and are more likely to further engage with your brand and join future events.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new Linkedin integration that will help event organizers build up active and engaged professional communities on LinkedIn, while working to increase brand awareness and event audience reach.

RingCentral Events LinkedIn integration: How it works

For our organizers, it’s easy to get started with connecting your LinkedIn pages to the registration confirmation page that attendees see. These options can be found on the ‘Landing Page’ tab within Registration in your Event Dashboard. You can choose to enable one or both options by simply adding the appropriate URL.

When any of these are enabled, they will show on the registration confirmation page for attendees.

RingCentral Events LinkedIn integration

  • Share on LinkedIn – Allows the attendee to share the event on their personal LinkedIn page to their own network. This now shows by default for all events.
  • LinkedIn Company Page – Includes a button to visit your company’s LinkedIn page
  • LinkedIn Event Community – Includes a join option for attendees to join the event community

How does this benefit me as an event organizer?

By connecting your RingCentral Events with your LinkedIn pages, you’ll benefit by:

  • Converting your attendees into followers – By providing the option for attendees to easily follow your LinkedIn company page, attendees can continue to follow company updates and engage via LinkedIn.
  • Increasing brand awareness and reach – Take advantage of the power of network effects using LinkedIn! As your attendees share the event (and your brand) within their own networks, it’ll significantly increase the reach to audiences you wouldn’t have been able to reach alone.
  • Grow your event community – Events are more than just one-off engagement opportunities, but a way to also grow a community within your audience. By having your audience join your LinkedIn event community, they will have more ways to connect and network amongst each other.

Start building connections today

Community is what drives great event experiences and keeps us connected. And what better way to start building community than with our new LinkedIn integration, which is now available for all RingCentral Events customers.

And look forward to even more to come as we look to further build and integrate the LinkedIn experience within RingCentral Events.

If you don’t have RingCentral Events yet, it’s not too late to get started! Run unlimited events and engage your audiences with an event platform that can deliver high production, engaging, and branded experiences. Learn more here.

Sign in and plan your next event!

Originally published May 29, 2024, updated May 30, 2024

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