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Effortless customer experiences: How you, too, can be a customer service hero!

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Imagine if you could easily manage agents, coach performance, and improve customer satisfaction with every interaction.  With AI at the core of every customer service interaction, your business has the opportunity to provide an effortless customer experience — helping improve your bottom line.  Take for example the RingCX AI-powered customer experience solution.  With AI at the core, service teams can realize these amazing benefits:

  • AI-powered: flexible AI capabilities to drive operational efficiency
  • Rich omnichannel: voice, video, and 20+ digital channels in one interface
  • Easy to deploy: set up in days, not weeks or months
  • Simple to use: immersive agent experiences to boost performance
  • Best value: disruptively packaged and priced to maximize your ROI

Customers of all sizes are seeing ROI and improvements in CSAT with RingCentral RingCX.  With over 200 customers using the solution since November 2023, we have seen unprecedented adoption that meets the needs of the smallest organizations to the largest multinational brands.  A native product, built to provide innovation of AI at the core to provide insights, automate, and assist contact center agents, supervisors, and business leaders alike.  You don’t want to be left behind, make sure you are providing a differentiated, effortless customer experience for your customers.  

A lot of solutions available can check some of the boxes above but not all of them. An enterprise-focused contact center with AI and omnichannel capabilities typically comes with significant complexity. On the other hand, if a contact center is easy to set up, it is probably lacking the functionality you need to make a difference.


RingCX bridges the gap between too basic and too advanced, enabling businesses with simple use cases a way to deliver a modern customer experience. That balance of simplicity, capabilities, and pricing is striking a chord with our 200+ customers:

  • “Being able to implement omnichannel capabilities and seamlessly integrate our support operation in a single pane of glass – that would require a team of in-house people to oversee one of those huge contact center solutions. But with RingCX, we’ve been able to implement those capabilities ourselves easily,” Jaimie Bell, VP of Client Solutions at The Office Gurus
  • “RingCX gives us everything we need – voice call routing, fantastic analytics, and digital options all in a single package,” Devon Lemay, Manager of Clinical Transformation at Eon Health
  • “The user interface is much more modern and intuitive, which helped our agents ramp up quickly,” Richard Chavous, Manager Enterprise Cloud Engineering at Worldwide Express
  • “We chose RingCX ultimately based on our overall costs when we noticed annual contractual costs going up with our previous provider and some of their technology becoming stale,” Brian Dampman, Chief Operating Officer, ACQ Holdings

RingCX call summary

If you’re reading this, you may be in a similar position, looking for the right solution to deliver smarter customer experiences. Businesses of all sizes are making the switch to RingCX. Want to see if RingCX is right for you? 

You can now try RingCX for 14 days by visiting:

Your customers will thank you, and your bottom line will too.

Originally published May 30, 2024

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