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RingCentral Contact Center helps Veriforce unite its global support teams, reduce costs, and improve customer service


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  • Veriforce’s inside-sales and support agents now have the tools and features to be more efficient and responsive to customers than ever.
  • With no need to buy or support physical phones or headsets, Veriforce is enjoying significant cost savings since switching to RingCentral.
  • Because RingCentral MVP and Contact Center let employees work anywhere, these solutions are also a valuable addition to Veriforce’s business continuity plans.

The industry’s leading SaaS platform for contractor management and compliance

For businesses in industries that require dangerous work—on oil rigs, at construction sites, or in manufacturing plants, for example—Veriforce provides an invaluable service. The industry’s first end-to-end software platform for risk management and compliance, Veriforce helps contracting firms track their workers’ safety, while helping the corporations that hire these contractors stay on the right side of regulatory compliance.

Through several recent acquisitions, Veriforce has become one of the world’s largest contractor management platforms—with 800 hiring clients and 50,000 contractor companies. The organization has also become global, with several offices in the US, several more in Canada, and one in South Africa.

Multiple legacy phone systems led to communication challenges

Glenn Courington, IT Manager for Veriforce, explains that after the mergers, the company found itself managing three separate phone systems, wasting time and energy trying to connect its various office locations around the world. “We needed to get from three telephony solutions down to just one, so we could start functioning as one unified team.”

Nancy Opial, Veriforce’s Senior Manager of Customer Success Services, describes the other major challenge with the company’s legacy phone systems. “In terms of things like setting up and adjusting call queues or finding recorded calls to listen to, those old systems gave us very little in the way of useful functionality for our sales and support teams,” she says.

The world-class Contact Center solution this global company needed

Glenn and Nancy solved these operational challenges with RingCentral’s cloud communications solutions, which Veriforce rolled out to its hundreds of employees worldwide. For cloud-based business phone service on any computer or smartphone, the company implemented RingCentral MVP. For global sales and support operations, Veriforce’s teams deployed RingCentral Contact Center.

“From an internal communications standpoint, RingCentral made a night-and-day difference,” says Glenn. “With those old phone systems, just reaching a coworker in another office could be a frustrating task. But with everyone in the company now in the same RingCentral environment, it’s so easy to find a colleague and click to dial them.”

As for Veriforce’s contact center operations, Nancy points out: “The support teams now have so many features that are improving their efficiencies and making life easier both for themselves and our customers. With the callback feature, for example, when our call volumes are high, we can give customers a much better experience than having to wait on hold.”

With RingCentral Contact Center, this Global Supply-Chain Risk Provider Sees 60% Reduction in Abandoned Calls

Additionally, for the company’s sales and support managers, Nancy explains, integrating RingCentral Contact Center into Veriforce’s Salesforce environment is providing greater visibility and business insights than they’ve ever had.

“Before we had the RingCentral for Salesforce integration, each support agent kept a piece of paper at their desk, made a little tick mark when they took a call or answered an email, and then turned those ‘reports’ into their managers each week. By moving to RingCentral, we now have all that data right in the system, and we can review and analyze it anytime.”

And as Glenn adds, RingCentral is also lowering Veriforce’s overall telecommunications expenses. “From a cost-savings perspective, I can tell you we haven’t purchased a single physical phone since we joined RingCentral,” Glenn says. “With the softphone capabilities, we haven’t had the need.”

The most seamless, reliable business continuity solution the company has ever had

Finally, as Nancy points out, RingCentral’s cloud communications platform is also providing peace of mind as a business continuity solution—which, given the geographic locations of Veriforce’s offices, the company needs more often than they’d prefer.

“Whenever there was a hurricane warning in our Louisiana location or a snowstorm near our Texas headquarters, we’d all be packaging up people’s workstation equipment, and getting our IT staff ready to take a zillion calls from employees trying to connect their tech at home,” she says. “It was a massive undertaking and totally disruptive to the company’s operations.”

“With RingCentral, the business continuity is built right into the solution. We can tell everyone to stay home, log into RingCentral from their computers or cell phones, and that’s that—we’re all back to business as usual.”

Originally published Sep 23, 2021, updated Jun 21, 2024

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