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In recent weeks, video conferencing has been embraced by people around the globe – businesses, schools, government agencies and our families. But more recently, security, data privacy and user safeguards have come to the forefront when it comes to video conferencing services.

In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to provide clarity to our customers – and potential customers – about our focus and commitment to privacy and security.

Our Approach to Security

RingCentral’s long-standing commitment to security is multidimensional. As a cloud company, we look at cyber security in four dimensions – Enterprise, Cloud, Product, and Customer Trust. We approach each as an essential priority to our business. We know that a strong company, and a strong service for our customers, requires commitment and discipline in each of these areas.

Enterprise Security

RingCentral applies an enterprise-grade, multi-layered security strategy. Led by our global security team, and encompassing many company-wide cross-functional efforts, we have implemented a series of organizational, technical, and operational cybersecurity measures. We continuously monitor several metrics to give us visibility into various dimensions of our cybersecurity efforts, perform proactive security assessments, and engage in cybersecurity governance and enterprise risk management activities. Throughout the year, we perform multiple security assessments of various types, cyber security governance activities, and enterprise risk management activities. Our senior management maintains an active involvement.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the security of our infrastructure, back-end communications platform, service environments, and service operations. We employ a layered defense throughout our service cloud consisting of border defenses, multi-factor access controls, cloud security infrastructure, host-level defenses, security telemetry and monitoring. Our operational security practices include more than 300 controls that we audit annually. Our Security team has dedicated security engineering, security data analytics, and detection and response personnel. Our Network Operations Center monitors service availability [24/7] and initiates response for any service interruptions. We don’t host our services in China, nor route customer traffic to locations in China.  We strive to remain transparent with our customers about where customer data is stored and processed.

Product Security

Product security is the security measures we build into our product and services.  We perform security testing on each release of our products using internal and external expertise. Our product security testing leverages both off-the-shelf and manual methods. Our Security team has dedicated application security personnel. We leverage multiple secure software development frameworks, and generate data throughout the software development cycle that we use to measure several security-specific software development metrics into our work, such as privacy-by-design and secure software development frameworks, and every year we undertake penetration testing and red team activities.

Trust Programs

Trust security is our overall security framework and philosophy for providing transparency to our customers, embedding security principles into our product development activities,  infrastructure and service operations, and engaging with independent third-party experts to test our security measures and recommend best practices. We believe that we have a strong vision when it comes to security, but we know that it’s important to include both inside and outside perspectives. This is valuable for us, and valuable to our customers. Independent perspectives allow us to provide transparency. We undergo frequent and proactive testing, assessments, and third-party security audits throughout the year to give our customers assurance that controls are operating effectively for various environments.

Some specifics include:

Annual audits:

RingCentral Meetings Security

Since the RingCentral Meetings product is based on the Zoom platform, we want to provide clarity on several questions regarding privacy and security associated with RingCentral meetings.

There are areas that are top of mind for customers and are addressed below. 

RingCentral is actively working with Zoom to incorporate applicable security updates into RingCentral Meetings. Users can track updates related to specific security and privacy questions on our support website.

Keeping Customers Safe 

These are unprecedented times for all of us. Helping our customers through these challenges is our priority. Security, privacy, transparency and reliability have been the foundational pillars for RingCentral since our inception. Our commitment to you is our continuing and unwavering focus on enabling safe and secure business communications.

Originally published Apr 13, 2020, updated Oct 19, 2020

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