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RingCentral China: Make ourselves better, make our world better together


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No matter how big or small, all organizations have the capacity to make a positive difference in the world. This philosophy permeates every aspect of RingCentral’s culture, from every employee to our management staff. Meanwhile, because we understand that our employees are genuinely our greatest asset, we encourage them to make themselves better wherever at work or in the community. Therefore, we have taken a more proactive approach to creating meaningful and sustainable change, and we have broadened our commitment to three key areas: environmental, social, and governance (ESG).

RingCentral China is dedicated to organize a list of programs in response to our corporate responsibility together with our employees to contribute their own efforts to the community by joining fun activities and social service.

China Arbor Day: Plant trees, think green, be green.

On the occasion of China Arbor Day, in order to advocate the importance of environmental protection and promote low-carbon lifestyle, and nurture employees’ sense of dedication and contribution to society, RingCentral China launched the “Planting Trees for Home Protection” action. A total of more than 20 employees participated in this event.

At the same time, the Xiamen Botanical Garden “Greenland Adoption Certification Ceremony” was held in the square in front of the Botanical Garden’s Baihua Hall. RingCentral has adopted 50 trees and the adoption period is from March 12, 2023 to March 12, 2024.

Not only cultivate a better sustainable environment, it is also essential to strengthen the bonding between colleagues by joining this meaningful activity.

Spring Charity Sports Month Campaign: Stay healthy, spread kindness

Each and every day, members of the RingCentral family have the chance to participate in decisions that will benefit our company, our customers, and the environment. Our approach to corporate social responsibility is all-encompassing and human-centered.

This Sports Charity Campaign was initiated together with Hangzhou Dishui Commonweal. It aims that employees can pay a contribution to help those in need by doing sports at the same time. The campaign offers the challenge of 3 sports in 3 weeks. After completing the sports challenge by colleagues, RC China will donate charity packs presented with their own names to help children living in remote western areas with their physical education and health growth. 

The campaign has started from Feb 21th to Mar 12th and more than 110 employees have taken this challenge by doing different sports such as skiing, running, swimming, playing tennis and doing yoga, etc. 58 employees have completed the challenge in the end.

Charity Hiking in Hangzhou: hike for your health, strive for our better world

Everything depends on the individuals. The corporate level allows us to accomplish wonderful things. But, the grassroots and the participation of the general public are what give it its joy and reality. The Charity Hiking in Hangzhou was held together with Hangzhou Dishui Commonweal again on March 17th. The goal is to pave the way for employees to start to help the people in need or participate in social service from one of the easiest ways. At the same time, they could deepen the relationship and mutual trust between different teammates by enjoying nature and taking a break from work together throughout hiking.

More than 100 employees joined this hike and 72 of them finished the challenge. RingCentral China will donate charity packs presented with their own names to help the people in need.

Our ultimate goal of these ESG-driven activities is not only to deepen our corporate responsibility, but also take care of our employees’ health and balanced life. RingCentral is all about being together and employees matter. We hope these programs will impact our communities while our employees can feel that their participation and efforts for society are joyful and meaningful or even make a difference in themselves and the world. 


Originally published Mar 30, 2023, updated Apr 02, 2023

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