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A Big Update for RingCentral Video: We've Gone Native on iOS


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KID-5271-Glip-Campaign-Blog-Image_r1 The New RingCentral App for iOS version 3.0 is out, rebuilt from the ground up to lay a solid foundation for the future. We think it’s like having the future of enterprise mobile messaging and collaboration in your hands. Don’t take our word for it, check out some of the great feedback we’re already seeing in the app store…

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… and on Twitter

… and on the RingCentral blog …
This new App is gorgeous, it’s fast and it’s got compatibility for Tablet, all areas checked.
An amazing improvement.
Won’t need to use the browser Glip (now RingCentral Video) on mobile anymore.
Hopefully the Android version when that launches is just as good, if not better.
— Luke Ryan

What has everyone so excited is the introduction of a much improved RingCentral app for iPhones and iPads. In addition to offering better performance and stability, the iOS app has been redesigned for a mobile-first communication and collaboration experience.


This should also interest RingCentral MVP users, who receive RingCentral Video as part of their subscription. The new app for iOS reflects our commitment to helping people be just as productive outside the office as at their desk. The smartphone is already the place where unified communications and collaboration most naturally takes place, given that people routinely use their smartphones to talk, text, video chat, and send messages via multiple channels.


We want to raise the bar on workplace productivity, transforming how people communicate and get work done from a single, collaborative communications hub. In case you didn’t already know, the newly released app allows RingCentral MVP customers to call other users or start conference calls in concert with the RingCentral mobile app. A phone or conference call icon appears at the top of every conversation. Similarly, mobile users can connect with RingCentral video chat using the RingCentral Meetings mobile app. You can expect to see even closer integration in future releases.

RingCentral Video users will also notice a much smoother experience navigating between views of all messages, direct messages, team messages, contacts, tasks, and calendared events. We have redesigned the mobile version of the RingCentral App Shelf, the sidebar that accompanies every conversation, to make it easier to find files, tasks, notes, and links in the context of your collaboration with people and teams (shown here on an iPad).


Here are some of the other improvements:

  • Faster performance and fewer glitches. Many bugs and crash issues present in the former app have been fixed.
  • Improved reliability of mobile notifications.
  • Improved search experience to help you find people, teams, and content more quickly.
  • Added ability to mark a conversation unread for follow up. Just swipe right on a conversation on the Messages screen.
  • Improved formatting for iPad and iPad mini (no more 2x mode).
  • Added landscape support for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPad, and iPad mini.

We’re pleased with the latest RingCentral Video iOS release, and we hope you will be too. We’re laying an important foundation that promises to evolve unified communications and collaboration as we know it today. We are already working on additional features and fixes to improve the RingCentral iOS experience even further and round out features related to the RingCentral Calendar and RingCentral Notes. Android users can expect their own native app later this year.

If you haven’t tried the RingCentral iOS app, you can download it here. Let us know what you think!

Originally published Jul 22, 2016, updated Jun 16, 2024

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