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Synchronized Ringing: 2016 Cloud Office Games


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3. Synchronised Ringing
You’ve joined us for the next event in the 2016 Cloud Office Games. Today we’re hoping to see something truly special with the Synchronised Ringing.

As you would expect, the field is packed with contenders, claiming to offer the best in both team collaboration and customer satisfaction – we’re hoping to see a clear winner emerge from today’s event.

The Challenge

79% of UK SMEs still have disparate communications systems that are not integrated. Any team that does not have its participants working on the same platforms should expect some wobbles along the way.

Winning Tactics

The competitors will be marked and judged on 2 main criteria:

1) The ability to work together in unity

2) The ability to respond as a team to customer demands

When it comes to unity, we’ve already seen one of the more traditional teams become unbalanced. They just don’t seem to be able to sync up on different platforms. Did you see that moment of chaos and confusion when one team member was trying to use a completely different conferencing system and couldn’t patch the others in? What a kafuffle that was.

Watching the RingCentral team in action is quite the contrast. All the collaboration tools they need are on one system. Witnessing the team instantly switch between phone calls, audio conferencing, video conferencing and instant messaging was a joy to behold.

Some teams obviously practised their routine to perfection in the office, but looks like they have come unstuck whilst performing on a different stage without their own on-site infrastructure to support them. In this fast-paced arena, agile performance plays an ever-increasing role in creating a seamless experience for customers.

Talking of seamless, just look at the strength in numbers being created by RingCentral team. By using hunt group tactics, each of them receives the incoming call simultaneously. If only other teams used this tactic; there was far too much valuable time lost waiting around on overburdened individuals to catch up.

Today we’ve also see multiple failed attempts at getting through to the right person with calls being transferred all over the place. A number of teams lost a lot of points due to this uncoordinated approach. Once again, the RingCentral team lead the way with a departmental structure that enables customers to reach the right person in the least amount of time possible. It looks like they could take a call and transfer it absolutely anywhere – what a show of agility!

The Outcome

We’ve witnessed the downfalls of teams attempting to work with multiple different systems. This only places unnecessary strain on teams at puts their communications at risk of toppling and ending up in a chaotic mess.

Although there were valiant attempts, the clear winner was the RingCentral team. Their cloud-based approach was not only lightweight in terms of resources but we also witnessed some real feats of flexibility without any lapse in performance. Bravo.

Are you ready to compete in the 2016 Cloud Office Games? RingCentral is helping you get one up on the competition with a free 30-day trial of our cloud phone solution. Anyone that signs up for a free trial in the UK in the month of August will receive a very limited edition Cloud Office Games mug!

Note: Cloud Office Game mugs are only applicable to RingCentral UK accounts.

Originally published Aug 03, 2016, updated Sep 08, 2020

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