Most of our Superfans are companies. Some, like BullyingCanada, are nonprofits. And a handful – including the North Carolina Chiropractic Association – are professional organizations.

What’s unique about the NCCA is its stated mission to serve all North Carolinians by improving the way chiropractic medicine is practiced. The association – North Carolina’s only professional group for chiropractors – aims to serve the public through education campaigns, professional-development opportunities for its members and legislative advocacy.

Dick O’Donnell

We owe our partnership with the NCCA to RingCentral reseller Dick O’Donnell, who successfully crafted a Vendor Agreement with the organization. The agreement stipulates that NCCA members can get RingCentral service at a special group rate – and a not-insignificant number of chiropractors have signed up for RingCentral as a result.

One of those is Tim Beshel, the founder of Beshel Chiropractic Center. Tim’s practice has offices in Burlington and Graham, N.C., so he’s always on the go.

Tim wasn’t even looking to replace his old phone system when he met Dick, but upon learning how RingCentral could unify both of his offices (PDF) under a single, simple phone system, he thought it was worth a try.

Today, he’s very happy he made the switch. “RingCentral has really opened the lines of communication with our patients; it’s easier for them to get in touch with us,” he reports. “I like how I can have multiple phones ring at one time.”

An added benefit: Tim is paying much less for RingCentral than he was forking over to his old phone system provider.

“I have many more capabilities with RingCentral than I had with AT&T,” he says, “at a fraction of the cost.”

Tim’s point illustrates why hundreds of thousands of business owners have adopted RingCentral. By delivering more features at a lower price than legacy phone service, RingCentral is helping businesses across the nation spend money more wisely and improve how they reach their customers.

And, thanks to Dick O’Donnell’s hard work, even more NCCA members should be discovering the benefits of RingCentral in the months and years to come.