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Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini for RingCentral Rooms are now available


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  • RingCentral Rooms™ is now available on the new Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini.
  • Together, RingCentral and Logitech transform any meeting room into a video conferencing hub. Participants can easily join from anywhere via RingCentral video meetings and collaborate with colleagues in the meeting room.


In March 2021, we announced that the Logitech Rally Bar was available for customer beta. 

And after a successful testing phase, we’re excited to announce that the Rally Bar for RingCentral Rooms is now available to everyone. On top of that, Logitech is also announcing the release of the Rally Bar Mini—also with built-in RingCentral Rooms. 

By partnering with Logitech, we’re building on four decades of meeting innovation to make meetings even better. Pioneers of the webcam and the first USB conference cam, Logitech has a legacy of continuously redefining the video conferencing experience for companies in more than 100 countries around the world. Together with our award-winning meeting software, Logitech and RingCentral are truly raising the bar on the connected meeting experience.

Let’s take a look at the appliances:

1. Logitech Rally Bar Mini

The Rally Bar Mini with the Tap controller (included) is designed for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms. 

Like the Rally Bar, this AI-powered video conferencing device automatically adjusts the frame based on the number of people in the room, with mechanical pan, tilt, and zoom covering 160° across by 110° high

2. Logitech Rally Bar

Perfect for medium-sized rooms, the Rally Bar offers up to 15x total zoom—and optical zoom with lossless image quality up to 5x—and large, ultra-low distortion speakers for room-filling sound. 

Best of all, the Rally Bar includes RightSight™, Logitech’s AI viewfinder that can read the room—all by itself. The Rally Bar adapts to meeting dynamics by automatically counting the people in the room and optimizing video framing to center in on the meeting action. 

Key benefits

As businesses head back to the office, meeting rooms will play a vital role in facilitating collaboration among an increasingly hybrid workforce. After all, when parts of a team work in the office and others remotely, video conferencing bridges the gap and brings everyone into the same room.

This means that video conferencing appliances such as Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini (along with RingCentral Rooms) make great all-in-one options to easily transform your meeting spaces. Here are a few key advantages:

1. Easy to deploy and manage

The new Logitech devices come with RingCentral pre-configured, meaning you can set up RingCentral Rooms and connect your virtual meetings right out of the box. 

The RingCentral Admin Portal also allows administrators to easily activate and manage rooms from one central location.

2. Superior audio and video quality

With Logitech’s best-in-class video conferencing technology, participating in a meeting with RingCentral Rooms is as good as being there. 

Logitech’s proprietary AI technology and motorized pan and tilt lenses mean the device automatically optimizes meetings for video. Automatic framing and zoom, lifelike video quality, and superior sound and background noise suppression provide the highest level of conversational clarity.

3. Meeting experience monitoring 

RingCentral’s advanced analytics and room management allow IT to monitor the meeting experience from anywhere, providing rich data about room and device performance, meeting participation, and more.

Transform your meeting rooms into video collaboration hubs.

Coming soon: Logitech Rally Plus and RoomMate

The Rally Plus is built for large meeting rooms, while the RoomMate connects multiple appliances together (TV monitors, speakers, and microphones) into one video conferencing ecosystem.

Expected in September 2021.

Get started with Logitech and RingCentral Rooms

Looking to set up your Logitech appliance with RingCentral Rooms? Contact your account executive, and they’ll get you started.

To purchase a Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini, contact your Logitech reseller of choice.

Also, take advantage of our free one-year RingCentral Rooms license promotion (available until June 30, 2021). Contact us to learn more.

Originally published Jun 01, 2021, updated Jul 08, 2021

Transform your meeting rooms into video collaboration hubs.

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