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New in Q3: Customer service features for smarter experiences & deeper insights


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According to Salesforce research, 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience.

Customer service is an integral part of the customer experience. While some companies struggle to provide adequate customer service, others are making a name for themselves by creating stellar customer service experiences.

RingCentral has been a long-standing leader in the contact center industry. With this expertise, we’ve designed 10 new tools and features to help your service team strengthen your contact center experience and keep your customers and agents productive, knowledgeable, and satisfied.

We’ve categorized these new features into three helpful parts:

Elevate customer experience

Our Engage Digital application is constantly growing and evolving to meet customer satisfaction expectations. It only takes one subpar experience to lose a customer. Nearly 90% of customers who rate customer service as “very good,” report trusting that company. On the other hand, 16% who give a poor rating trust companies to the same degree, reports the Qualtrics XM Institute. We’ve improved the customer experience by adding features that your customers need.

1.  Engage Digital: Switch to video

RingCentral’s famous Engage Messaging for chat has grown up and hit the big leagues. We’ve humanized the equation and added video conferencing to the chat service. Customers who prefer the personal touch can switch from chat to video instantly — no switching apps, agents, or devices to see a live human representative. Resolve issues that require visual interaction quickly, such as product troubleshooting or remote health checkups.

2.  Engage Digital: LinkedIn integration

You asked for it and RingCentral delivered. Engage Digital is now integrated with LinkedIn (in beta) so you can engage with your customers and respond to comments directly from Engage Digital. Engage in one-on-one conversations with your audience on Linkedin, and resolve customer issues faster.

3.  Contact Center: Attribute routing

Customer experience attribute routing flow

Attribute routing enables an additional level of precision on top of skill-based routing and agent proficiency. Up to 100 attributes can be assigned to an agent to be used in routing decisions. This eliminates the need for complex IVR logic, while assuring that customers are matched with the best available agent.

Reduce agent and supervisor effort

With the rise of contact centers rather than a singular call center, it has been more important than ever to have a omni-contact, integrated solution.

The new supervisor dashboard gives management personnel an all-encompassing, at-a-glance look at everything their team handles, enabling them to head off potential problems early. Originating from the world of high tech, this tool allows supervisors real-time visibility into how their staff members are performing and how they are managing their workload.

4.  Contact Center: New supervisor experience

This app is huge for supervisors to get a one-stop look at all things voice, digital, AI, and WEM about their agents in one easy-to-use dashboard they can use from any device. It is a way for supervisors to manage their team while on the go, whether you’re at work or away on vacation. The idea of this app was born out of the need for a hands-free solution that allows supervisors to make decisions and control branch operations without having to leave their seats. The user interface is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

5.  Engage Voice: Screen recording with Calabrio One

Ever want to go back to a certain call for compliance needs or to use it as a teachable moment for all your agents? Our new integration with Calabrio Screen Recording enables you to  record screen interactions anywhere, even if your agents work remotely. Powerful meta-tagging in Calabrio allows for easy call organization, so there’s no searching through hundreds of hours of calls to find needed information. Easily meet stringent HIPAA regulations, payment security requirements, and privacy law regulations with minimal hardware and software integration.

Gain powerful operational insights for better decision-making

“…to fully reap the advantages of advanced analytics, organizations must have the right foundations in place to make the most of their data.” – McKinsey

It seems that many companies aren’t using advanced analytics and are missing out on the huge benefits it offers. Advanced analytics is the use of sophisticated data analysis and modeling techniques to extract meaningful information from large data sets. Though it’s often used by large multinational organizations, it’s becoming increasingly accessible for small, niche businesses as well. The result is increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and increased revenue.

6.  Engage Voice: Enhanced voice analytics

Voice analytics can be used to track and identify the scripts agents are using. This is done by recording the call, then analyzing it to see if it matches a script. The data collected from these scripts can then be used to improve agent productivity and minimize costs. Users can also now easily consolidate the scheduling and delivery of historical reports by creating custom schedules to regularly export historical reports to their preferred destinations (email, FTP, SFTP, S3). Voice analytics helps companies improve their customer service by making sure agents are using the right scripts for each situation, thus improving agent productivity and minimizing costs.

7.  Engage Digital: WhatsApp outbound analytics

If you’re looking to get an in-depth understanding of what’s happening on your WhatsApp account, use Engage Digital’s WhatsApp analytics. These software solutions offer detailed analytics for all your campaigns. Our newest features to our WhatApp analytics help you understand which WhatsApp numbers most conversations happen and what are the types of conversations your customers engage in.

8.  Enhanced workforce management (WFM) forecasting

Santa Claus is coming to town and you need to know how many agents to schedule to handle all those holiday sales calls. Our Enhanced WFM Forecasting is a powerful yet simple-to-use solution that helps companies forecast call volume and staffing needs accurately and faster. With this tool, you can set up your forecasting periods, input your historical data, and choose the best forecast to meet your performance needs.

9.  Quality management premium

RingCentral Call Center is the perfect tool for evaluating and coaching agent behavior through AI analysis of key customer service traits. It shows how agents score across different skills and automatically advises on coaching to improve quality. This tool makes quality assurance easier than ever before with automation in the evaluation of agent behaviors.

10.  Contact center: Ad hoc quality management

With ad-hoc quality management, interactions and workflows outside of the contact center can be evaluated within a single QM platform. This eliminates the need for third party systems, spreadsheets, and guesswork, resulting in reduced operational costs and improved employee visibility.

Originally published Oct 06, 2022, updated Dec 06, 2022

Give your service team an edge

The right customer service tools can set your business apart. Discover how RingCentral can help you elevate your customer experience.

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