Most RingCentral customers rely on their phone systems to contact customers, vendors and partners – standard business use cases. But there are some in the RingCentral-verse who have much more innovative ways of making the most of their RingCentral service.

owen_white RingCentral Superfan Owen McGab Enaohwo is one of the latter. Owen and his business partners are working to build a web app that allows entrepreneurs to easily document their workflow processes. The app, SweetProcess, is designed to give businesses a top-down view of their standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The core idea behind SweetProcess – that technology can give even the smallest businesses big-business capabilities – is the same one that inspires RingCentral. So it’s fitting that Owen turned to RingCentral when SweetProcess needed business-class phone service.

“I used to use a competing phone system,” Owen told us. “I liked it, but I didn’t have the opportunity to add teams with different phone numbers. Plus, I can now take my entire phone system with me on my smartphone.”

What’s so unique about the way Owen uses RingCentral? At present, he is performing market research. He reaches out via phone to dozens of entrepreneurs to verify SweetProcess’ assumptions about what they want and need. SP2

“When it comes to making and recording calls, RingCentral is the one that knocks it out of the park,” Owen said. “It allows me to record even 30-minute or 1-hour calls.”

Plus, Owen is able to perform research calls from anywhere. The people he calls see his RingCentral business number, instead of his personal cell phone number – a big advantage for someone who makes dozens of exploratory calls a week.

“With RingCentral, I can take a call, summarize it and validate what my co-founders and I are trying to do,” Owen enthused. “We at SweetProcess are trying to make procedure documentation fun and easy, and RingCentral makes my job easy. What I can do with RingCentral, I couldn’t do with any other tools.”