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How Nutrascience handles serious call volumes—and a growing team—without missing a beat



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An award-winning nutraceutical manufacturer, NutraScience Labs handles pretty much every step of the process, from designing labels to manufacturing the actual product manufacturing, to designing the packaging, and filling orders.

Because of its great reputation in the industry for growth and excellence, NutraScience Labs had lots of companies knocking on the door and wanting to work with them.

With all these new communications coming in through the phone, the web, and its own inbound and outbound projects, NutraScience Labs needed a way to manage it all. Specifically, a way to see every caller’s past history and conversations with the business so that the team can continue the conversation smoothly.

Ah yes, something like this would work:

RingCentral app history and conversations

And this is where RingCentral came in.

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So many leads, so little time

Because these new leads were all coming in through different channels—we’re talking huge call volumes every day, NutraScience Labs had to make sure it had failover protection and disaster recovery strategies in place, just in case something went wrong. The company was still growing and finding the right process that worked for the team, after all.

Its original phone carrier had a couple of issues, especially when it came to calling campaigns. Since these were so important to the growth of the company, Ryan Mayer, its Chief Technology Officer, started looking for another option.

Ryan had already heard about RingCentral and was drawn to its reputation for reliability—and just as importantly, a few particular features that he knew he needed: the ability to add local delivery options for redundancy on the delivery path, certain continuity measures to eliminate risk, and failover capabilities that ensure consistent call quality.

RingCentral QoS Dashboard

The team can easily see how it’s doing and the quality of their calls in RingCentral’s dashboards.


(If this all sounds super technical, well, Ryan’s a CTO.) Basically, he needed to make sure that whatever solution he chose would run smoothly and reliably with minimal hiccups to the rapidly growing business’s communications programs.

“I have a lot of experience in telephony on both sides of the box,” Ryan says. “I vetted many solutions before I even started with NutraScience Labs; I’ve done due diligence in the past, and other vendors can’t come close to RingCentral’s robust and feature-rich offering.”


Next-day setup? Yes, it’s possible

Rolling out a new tool to the whole company normally takes weeks, or even months.

NutraScience Labs’ RingCentral account got set up and configured within 24 hours.

Before, NutraScience Labs had a ticket system for incoming calls—which meant that people had to wait for the IT team to respond to these and direct them to the right folks. Now, the transfers are set automatically every time, and it helps the team make good on its focus on answering each call live.

The RingCentral user interface is amazing,” says Ryan. “One of the nicest I’ve seen in a long time. It’s intuitive and user-friendly and completely eliminated any learning curve. We easily moved all of our toll-free and several batches of local numbers over. In just a couple of weeks, we were off to the races.

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“We can now focus on priority number: driving revenue”

Just a few of the measurable benefits that Ryan and his team noticed right away?

“There are three things that we immediately experienced with this platform,” says Ryan. “First, the uptime and not having the outages we were experiencing.”

In fact, since they’ve started using RingCentral, NutraScience Labs hasn’t had a single outage.

“Second, we can make changes to the interface the way we want to make them. And third, there is a considerable benefit in the time and money saved in the way we can now do things.”

This makes us especially happy, as we designed RingCentral to be easy to use! You don’t need to know how a phone tree works or how to code—anyone can set up RingCentral.

And the most important thing for Ryan?

“Many processes are now automated, so we can now focus on priority number one: driving revenue.”

We can roll with that.

Originally published Mar 01, 2020, updated Feb 24, 2022

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