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National Small Business Week contest: Share your story for a chance to win $5,000


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National Small Business Week is right around the corner (April 30–May 6, 2023), and RingCentral wants to celebrate your business during this important week!

It hasn’t been an easy few years for small businesses, and we want to show our support by recognizing you and all your hard work. So let’s get into it. 

🏆 Get started:

$5,000, enough said! Are you ready to enter the RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest? Learn everything there is to know here.

What is the RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest? 

National Small Business Week is our favorite time of year. It’s a time to celebrate the accomplishments of small businesses across the nation. That’s why we’re holding a special contest to put small businesses front and center, including yours! 

The RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest is a way for RingCentral small business customers to share how they use our platform to simplify their lives and grow their businesses. Prizes include a $5,000 gift card, along with others, plus exposure for your business on an international stage. 

For this year’s theme, we’re asking our customers to share what their favorite feature of RingCentral is and how it impacts their business. We know you’ve got some great stories up your sleeve, so why not share it? The world is waiting to hear your story.

Important contest dates

Remember to keep this timeline handy to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines and stay updated:

  • Contest kicks off: May 1, 2023
  • Deadline for submissions: May 19, 2023
  • Winners announcement: May 22, 2023

Watch this video for even more details on the contest, from RingCentral’s Kelly Hoover:


Why should you enter?

Do you want more money in your pocket? How about more eyeballs on your business? If you answered “Yes!” to both, then this is the contest for you.

The RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest will have one grand-prize winner, two runners up, and two honorable mentions.

Let’s break down all the rewards you can reap:

RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest grand prize

1 grand prize

$5,000 gift card

RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest honorable mentions

2 runners up

$3,000 gift cards

RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest publicity

2 honorable mentions

$2,000 gift cards

PLUS: The grand prize winner and the runners up will get to participate in a virtual roundtable discussion with “The People’s Shark” Daymond John. 

All five winning entries will be featured on and announced through our social media channels totaling over 350,000 followers. This extra worldwide publicity isn’t limited to just the winners—additional entries may also be recognized and published.

How to enter the contest 

Entering the contest is easy as pie. Just follow these three  steps to enter the RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest:

Step 1: Create your video

Record a 1–3 minute video about what your favorite feature of RingCentral is and how it impacts your business. In the video, remember to include your company name, your name, and your title.

Step 2: Upload your video

Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.

Step 3: Send your video link to us

You can paste the link right into the contest entry form, or email us directly at [email protected].

And that’s it—you’re all set!

Remember to submit your video before the deadline: Monday, May 19, at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd

Are you wondering, “How can I make my video submission stand out from the rest?” We’re here to help. Here are some quick tips and tricks to best capture your success story. 

1. Be prepared

Take notes of what you want to say in advance and have a few practice rounds before you push the record button. 

2. Don’t miss the mark

Stay focused on what the contest is asking for: introduce yourself, share what your business is all about, and explain how your business uses RingCentral with detailed examples.

3. Have a vision

Think about the main points and shots you want to include in your video. After laying your vision out, find out the best way to capture it through video.

💡 Pro-tip:

Unsure what your vision is for your video? Find inspiration by watching previous winners’ videos from the RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest.

4. Pick the right background

Find an interesting, but not overly distracting, video background. The space should be well lit and free of shadows. Use natural light as much as possible. 

5. Promote your business

Think about fun ways to promote your business, whether it’s standing in front of your company logo or wearing company swag. Whatever the case is, just make sure there isn’t anything showing that you don’t want others to see, like unsafe situations or overly messy areas.

6. Audio matters

Film somewhere quiet with little echo, like a carpeted room. Use a microphone for even better sound.

7. Film with confidence

Use a tripod or flat surface to rest your camera on while you record. If you don’t have either, try standing with your feet about a shoulder-width apart, breathe slowly, and hold the camera still with both hands. Make sure you’re filming in HD quality if possible, preferably 1080p or higher. Avoid using lower quality settings or video taken on low-quality devices.

Don’t miss your chance to win $5,000

It’s a no brainer—just a few minutes of your time can lead to $5,000 in your pocket, chat with “The People’s Shark” Daymond John, and extra publicity for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Ready, set, record!

Good luck and happy National Small Business Week!

If you have any questions about the RingCentral National Small Business Week Contest, please email [email protected].

For contest updates and announcements, follow RingCentral on social media:

Originally published May 01, 2023, updated May 16, 2023

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