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Winners announced: 2023 Small Business Week Contest


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Every year during National Small Business Week, we ask RingCentral customers to send in a short video for a chance to win one of several prizes. This year, we got nearly 30 entries, and the decision was tougher than ever. (You can watch all of the submissions over on our YouTube channel!)

To all of our small businesses customers who participated: We were blown away by the quality of your submissions, as well as the heart and soul you put into your videos. We’re lucky to have each and every one of you as RingCentral customers and are honored to help keep your businesses running, especially during such a disruptive time. 

It was a tough decision to make, but in the end these five videos stood out and earned top spots:

🏆 Grand prize winner: Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee

This year’s grand prize winner is Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee, a coffee roasting company based in Idaho that ships specialty coffee and equipment nationwide. They’ve been a RingCentral customer for 10 years. What’s their favorite feature? The business texting! “It’s so great that when our customers call and we miss their call or it’s after hours, we can respond with a quick text,” says Liz Roquet, founder and president. Also how amazing was that latte art?

Congratulations to Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee on this well-deserved win!

🏅Runners up: 

The Law Offices of Kaitlin Files LLC

Kaitlin Files is the owner and sole proprietor of her law firm and we’re proud to say RingCentral has been her partner since she opened her doors in 2020. When opening her firm, she knew it was going to be critical to invest in the right phone system. “My lifeline in keeping my business alive are my clients, so I needed a reliable and efficient phone service” says Kaitlin. The app has never glitched on her, allowing her to stay connected to her clients without worrying about downtime. Her favorite features include the call routing so new clients can be sent to the answering service while her existing clients can go straight to her direct line. The fax is also critical to Kaitlin as she can easily send PDFs as faxes right on her phone.

Congratulations to Kaitlin Files on the thorough, fun video!

QSROnline provides restaurant management software solutions including inventory and food management, labor scheduling, accounting and payroll automation, and business intelligence. They’ve been a customer with RingCentral for 16 years. QSROnline utilizes RingCentral’s call monitoring feature when the client services team is working with customers as a means of training and coaching.  “As a manager, what I really like about RingCentral is that I can monitor my employee’s phone calls or set up a training session where my employees mentor and shadow,” says Jamie Provance, director of client services. “There’s a whisper mode where I can whisper into their ear what they need to do next vs having to take over the call. It’s a lot of indirect training that allows my employees to grow without having to sit right next to me. It makes my job a lot easier than it needs to be.”

Congrats to QSROnline on all the success! 

👏 Honorable mentions 

Colorado Realty and Property Management, Inc.

Colorado Realty and Property Management, Inc. has staff across the US, Mexico, South Africa, and the Philippines, which means they need a platform that can deliver smooth, uninterrupted communications. RingCentral’s crystal clear voice quality allows them to connect with clients, partners, and colleagues effortlessly. Plus, the mobile app allows them to connect on the go. “As a remote worker, RingCentral has been a lifeline. Its screen sharing feature allows me to share presentations and documents to collaborate in real time with my colleagues,” says Nia Repeta, Team Coordinator. “It’s like being in the same room even when we’re miles apart.” 

Great job, Colorado Realty and Property Management! 

Wesolia (Wadsworth Every Stage of Life Insurance and Resource Center)

Shelby Wadsworth, owner and operator of Wesolia, originally launched her business as a field agent where she would travel to clients’ homes to servicing their life and medical insurance needs. But when the pandemic hit, she found herself having to shift gears. RingCentral helped her accommodate her business by providing features like recording calls for note taking, texting, adding new numbers, and call transfers. Nowadays she takes her business on the road traveling all over the country to meet her clients. “During my off seasons, when I don’t have to be in the home location, I can be visiting my clients all across the country and I wouldn’t be able to do that without RingCentral,” says Shelby. “RingCentral has now only allowed my business to stay in business but allowed me to pursue my dreams at the same time of building a business, traveling the world, and being an effective communicator.”

Way to go, Wesolia! 

Is your small business the next success story?

This year, we received nearly 30 submissions from our small business customers, telling us all the ways RingCentral has helped them stay connected. Small businesses love RingCentral, and the feeling is mutual. 

If you’re looking to get more connected, improve customer experience, and supercharge all of your communications, we’re ready when you are. Learn more about the solutions RingCentral has built specially for small businesses like yours. And be sure to stay tuned for your chance to submit for our 2024 Small Business Week Challenge. 

Originally published May 26, 2023, updated Jan 08, 2024

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