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See how this nonprofit is using RingCentral to work from anywhere



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Located in Indianapolis, Morning Light is an award-winning non-profit hospice residence for the terminally ill, seniors, and families of limited means—for free. 

For their team, a good communications tool is essential because they have so many types of relationships to keep track of. (And if you work at a healthcare practice as well—or a K-12 school or nonprofit—and need a way to video call, audio call, and instant message with your team and clients, RingCentral is offering its product for free.)

We chatted with Tom Fodor, Morning Light’s Executive Director and CEO, to learn more about what their day-to-day looks like and how they run a remote-friendly business in the healthcare industry.

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The perfect tool for small teams with big dreams

Because Morning Light directs as much of its resources toward its charitable mission as it can, Tom knows he has to be smart about budgeting.

RingCentral helps us by being reliable and cost-effective,” says Tom. “They do everything—supply the infrastructure, take messages, direct calls—and we’re never out of touch with the people who need us.

The ultimate goal for Morning Light is to take its care model nationwide. And to do that, it needs to first get its operations and all the little details just right. That’s where RingCentral comes in.

“RingCentral is like the anchor for our local office,” says Tom. “It makes sure our callers are directed to the proper extension, and the call screening feature is great—it blocks lots of spam calls and gives us time to collect our thoughts before we pick up the phone.”

RingCentral call handling and forwarding

RingCentral is super customizable with a range of call handling options to make sure the phone always gets picked up.


An office that sits in your pocket

Although there are two people usually in the Morning Light office, there are still days when one or even both are absent, whether it’s because they’re sick or running errands. 

And that’s okay.

“Our office goes wherever we go,” says Tom. “Our board of directors represents our community, so they can’t be present at every meeting. RingCentral lets us move our office to wherever we’re convening.”

And even though being able to communicate with the team is important, it’s even more crucial for Morning Light to be able to communicate with, well, everyone else.

We’re never out of reach. RingCentral connects to our email addresses and immediately lets us know when a call is received and a message is waiting. It really helps us take care of things quickly and efficiently.

Almost every business out there (unless you’re a software company) still uses the phone—a lot. And it doesn’t seem like it’ll change anytime soon. But we’ll let Tom tell you why it’s such a priority for Morning Light to take every call, every time.

We never know when we’ll get a call from a donor or healthcare partner that can make our dreams a reality. And we’re confident we won’t miss that opportunity because thanks to RingCentral, we won’t miss that call.

Thanks, Tom!

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Originally published Mar 23, 2020, updated Feb 24, 2022

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