Mobile Payments vs. Credit Card Payments

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mobile payments The term “mobile payments” gets thrown around very commonly as customers have become inclined towards making payments using their phones, and merchants have become willing to accept payments through this new technology to add value to their customer’s shopping experience.

Whether, you’re a manager at a restaurant accepting mobile payments, or a consumer at Starbucks choosing to use your smart phone to make payments, you’re a part of the mobile payments movement. But even you can use some pointers that will help you differentiate between credit card payments and how mobile payment technology works.

Although mobile payments have a lot of advantages over cash and credit cards they haven’t been widely accepted among most consumers ad merchants yet. People are sticking to cash and credit cards to make payments because with new technology come new fears. Which is why, people are reluctant to completely switch to mobile payments.

Have you made the switch to mobile payments? Share with us in the comments below.

Originally published Jul 14, 2015, updated Aug 07, 2020

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