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Medical apparel maker says RingCentral Fax® makes order processing so easy… “It’s like printing money”


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TiScrubs makes athletic-inspired performance-wear scrubs for medical professionals.

In fact, the company’s founder, Dr. Bill Busch, invented this unique type of apparel: antimicrobial, moisture-wicking scrubs with the same mesh paneling used in brand-name workout apparel. The idea was to create a scrub to keep healthcare providers feeling and looking great throughout their demanding workday.

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the “Ti” in the company’s name refers to titanium. It’s the element, which is lightweight yet strong, whose characteristics TiScrubs models after.)

This unique formula has caught on with health professionals. TiScrubs has been featured on “10 Best Uniforms” lists, and nearly all of its customer reviews are five stars and include phrases like “Excellent,” “Fantastic,” and “BEST SCRUBS EVER!”

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How to efficiently process fax orders from healthcare providers

But the company’s positive word-of-mouth advertising and rapid growth did create one logistical challenge. Because their customers are healthcare organizations and individuals in the medical field, many of the orders for TiScrubs’s clothing came in via fax.

“The RingCentral service that helps us be the most productive, because it’s so easy, is the modern RingCentral Fax,” says TiScrubs co-founder and CEO Natalie Busch.

TiScrubs’s legacy infrastructure—fax machines, fax telephone lines, and hardcopy documents—was slow, inefficient and required many manual steps. But with the online faxing solution built in to the all-in-one RingCentral communications system, TiScrubs now finds fax orders to be among the easiest to process. (Extra handy if you’re running a remote-friendly healthcare practice or business.)

“Customers fax us an order, and we get a digital notification immediately on all of our devices. It’s so easy. It’s like printing money.”

“Thanks, RingCentral,” Busch continues, “for giving small businesses like ours the tools of the pros—for a fraction of the cost.”

Watch TiScrubs’s hilarious RingCentral thank-you video narrated by the company’s (now nonexistent) fax machine:

Originally published Sep 19, 2019, updated Dec 30, 2022

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