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Look for These Three Qualifications When Vetting UCaaS Providers


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KID-4989_Avant_Partner_Blog2 The unified communications‐as‐a‐service (UCaaS) market is steadily expanding, despite the fact that enterprise adoption of UCaaS technology is still in its infancy. The market is growing at a CAGR of 16 percent, with revenue topping $4 billion. Many industry experts believe that enterprise spending on UCaaS solutions will pick up significantly over the next few years as the demand for reliable and efficient hosted cloud solutions increases.

As a result of this growth, the UCaaS space is filling up quickly. Ten years ago, less than five UCaaS providers comprised the market. Today, there are hundreds vying for position, ranging from small soware‐based startups to major brands. UCaaS is now a hot topic of conversation among partners that recognize the market opportunity it presents. It’s early in the adoption curve, and there is a lot of market share sll on the table.

RingCentral is generating a lot attention right now as one of the most cutting edge UCaaS platforms, which is somewhat ironic because they are also one of the oldest, most established providers in the space having been in business since 1999. This experience in the market, and that they are publicly traded, are just two of the reasons AVANT is excited to partner with RingCentral to deliver best‐in‐class UCaaS to our partners and their customers.

The partnership is significant for both parties, as RingCentral is now using AVANT’s highly curated portfolio of service providers to enhance its cloud applications. Thanks to the new arrangement, RingCentral can now focus its efforts on expanding into new international

Unlike AVANT and RingCentral, not all UCaaS providers carry equal weight in the enterprise market. Therefore, well‐known brand‐name communications entities with proven track records that demonstrate a commitment to quality and transparency will be in demand.

Here’s what you should look when vetting UCaaS providers for your Master Agent business:

1) Experience: You don’t want to go on sales calls with rookies who are unversed in UCaaS technology. Make sure to partner with a company comprised of experienced professionals with a deep level of industry knowledge. It will also pay dividends to partner with a respected and well‐known communications company so that you can focus on selling the product—not the organization.

2) Proprietary software: Find a UCaaS provider that owns its own software. More providers than you’d think base their software on third‐party provider platforms, e.g., BroadSoft. As a result, they are open bound to their software providers, and can’t update and roll out new services when they want. A company that owns its own software, on the other hand, can provide flexibility and innovation—two capabilities critical for success.

3) A strong user experience (UX): Don’t overlook UX when looking for a UCaaS provider. If the platform is buggy or difficult to use, productivity may be compromised or end users may choose to bypass the UCaaS soware altogether in favor of their own personal communication solution (like an iPhone). Look for a simple, modern interface that affords users easy migration without complications.

RingCentral gets exceedingly high marks on these areas, in addition to other critical functions like partner and customer support, price point, and commissions. Here at AVANT, we’re enthusiastic believers in RingCentral, and we can’t recommend highly enough that any partner selling in the UC space consider RingCentral. When combined with AVANT’s expertise selling Cloud, UCaaS, and connectivity solutions, partners have a formidable weapon in the fight to win
business in the very‐crowded UC marketplace.

Learn more about partnering with AVANT to add RingCentral to your portfolio today.

Originally published Jul 07, 2016, updated Jul 20, 2021

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