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Business Communications and Collaboration Without Boundaries or Barriers: 5 Key Considerations to Selecting a UCaaS Provider


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The global business environment grows more challenging each day, with more companies operating in more geographically dispersed locations, and more employees working remotely using a variety of mobile devices. In the face of this accelerating trend, it’s vitally important for employees, customers, suppliers, and other business stakeholders to be able to communicate and collaborate effortlessly, in real time.

Intra-team and inter-team communication and collaboration are critical success factors in today’s dynamic, boundary-less organizations. Voice and email communication remain essential, but are no longer sufficient in and of themselves to enable employees to work together efficiently and effectively wherever they happen to be located. Any discussion about creating an effective collaboration and communication infrastructure must also address the use of messaging, video conferencing, and the seamless sharing of information, files, calendars, and project status.

The requirements of today’s new collaborative workforces are driving organizations to carefully evaluate the technologies and solutions available to deliver these multi-faceted capabilities to their employees anytime, anywhere.

Increasingly, forward-thinking organizations wanting to provide these integrated capabilities across their workforces are looking to advance in mobile, cloud, and other technologies to replace legacy phone systems and on-premise point solutions with cloud-based unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions. Their hope and expectation is that UCaaS can effectively and cost-effectively enable their employees to be more strategic, creative, and productive across previously limiting geographical and technological barriers.

However, as Gartner pointed out in its Magic Quadrant for UCaaS, Worldwide report published in September 2015, not all UCaaS providers are created equal.

To help you select the best UCaaS provider for your organization, RingCentral created an eBook, The New Collaborative Workforce, which details five key requirements your UCaaS provider should meet.

Among others, these requirements include:

  • Ability to consolidate all of your business communications tools, including phone, email, video, and text onto a single cloud platform, allowing your employees and teams to be more agile and share information quickly and easily.
  • Leverage the ubiquity of the cloud for global operation with a single system that seamlessly unites collaboration and communication functionality.
  • Strong mobile device and app support that allows you and your colleagues to communicate and collaborate from smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Given the enormous rise in workforce mobility, anywhere, anytime, any device support is a must.

RingCentral was founded to empower employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners to work together efficiently, effectively, and cost-effectively, using the full range of advanced communications and collaboration tools including voice, email, SMS, fax, web meetings, and video conferencing, regardless of their locations and devices. We’re about eliminating both physical and virtual barriers to getting work done.

Again, there are additional requirements your UCaaS vendor should meet (which RingCentral does). To learn about these, download our eBook: The New Collaborative Workforce.

Learn more about how RingCentral’s global, collaborative, and open enterprise communications solutions can benefit your organization by helping employees, customers, and business partners work together more effectively and efficiently. You’ll also discover how RingCentral’s powerful, feature-rich, cloud-based, communications platform can be customized to support your company’s unique requirements, and scale to grow along with your business.

Originally published Jul 21, 2016, updated Jan 30, 2023

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