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Level 10 Finds Reliability and Ease of Communications with RingCentral


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level10logo A leading IT service provider for the retail sector, Level 10, provides hardware procurement, software development, asset management, maintenance, and in-store technician support for retail businesses. They also act as an extension of retailers’ IT teams through their technology and mobile deployments during store openings, closings, and remodeling projects. Founded in 2001 as TekservePOS, the company has since rebranded itself as Level 10. Their 120 employees are dispersed between the company headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and other office locations in Connecticut, Washington, Florida, and Minnesota.

Level 10 knew it was time to get rid of their on-premise PBX system. Prior to signing up with RingCentral, employees at the Level 10 offices used a PBX system. Communication became difficult and uncertain as several problems began to arise. Multiple providers issued Level 10’s old PBX system and phone lines, which led to conflicts of interest that would, in turn, cause days of downtime. When it came to maintenance, it often took several hours to receive help via phone and hours, if not days, to get a technician onsite.

“We did not have the expertise needed to maintain the PBX system in-house. We decided a new phone system was needed when a system backup procedure caused us to lose all of our voicemails,” says Tony Simek, IT Director. “Having extensive downtime was no way to run a business—we needed a more robust and reliable phone system, and RingCentral has provided that for us.”

With their previous PBX phone system, each board accommodated only 50 lines. This meant when space on a board ran out, a new one would have to be installed, costing time, money, and additional resources. Since switching to RingCentral, Simek and his team have enjoyed easy setup, fewer growing pains and worry-free scalability. RingCentral provided Level 10 employees with pre-configured phones. The phones arrive plug-and-ring ready, so as soon as they were received, and plugged in, the phones were activated and ready to use immediately.

Level 10 also has employees who work remotely. With their previous system, mobile workers were forced to use personal cell phones for business purposes. However, now they can use the RingCentral Softphone, which allows their employees to manage calls, faxes, and their entire account from any PC, or RingCentral’s mobile app to further enable BYOD, and allow users to make and receive work calls, send texts, and much more no matter where they are.

“With RingCentral, all you have to do is place an order and configure it online. The phones arrive ready to plug in and go when they arrive,” says Simek. “In the PBX world, a remote employee was truly remote. With RingCentral, the remote employees feel like they are in the same building, rather than 1,000 miles away.”

Simek and his colleagues enjoy using the multiple features that come with the robust RingCentral business cloud phone system. Some of their favorite features include electronic faxing, business SMS messages, and access to call logs. Before, the entire company only had one fax line—but with RingCentral, each employee has their own fax number. Employees also enjoy using the mobile app, which allows them to make business calls while they’re away from their desks—without using their personal numbers.

“Other providers were more à la carte, but RingCentral gives you everything together,” says Simek. “I love the consistency that’s offered by customer support. I never have to tell a story twice.”

Since switching to RingCentral, Level 10’s customer support and sales have improved as well. For example, if call reports show that a customer is spending significant time on the phone with Level 10’s support team, they can investigate ways to address or correct the issue. It is a truly all-inclusive system.

Originally published Sep 24, 2014, updated Sep 18, 2021

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