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Karma Campaign

Employee-led volunteerism strengthens relationships at work and in the communities we serve.


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There’s always another goal, another deadline, another initiative – which makes it easy to get lost in our work – especially when so much of it is performed remotely now. But we all know – there’s much more to work than work.  “Of course it’s good to be focused on selling and the pipeline, and all of those things,” says VP, Major Accounts, Christine Pavalon. “But by itself, it’s not enough for most people. It doesn’t fulfill the personal; the soul.”  That’s the idea behind the Karma Campaign – an employee-led initiative that challenges teams to support causes of all kinds, while strengthening personal connections. 

Connecting to community, inside and out

As people shift into a more hybrid work environment, it’s great to find different ways of reconnecting with the community. Pavalon and her six Majors teams across the country decided to do something about it. “Back in April, a number of us were discussing issues like COVID and The Great Resignation and we wondered – how do we drive more community across our team? What we came to was: when you do good, you feel good, and that’s where the Karma Campaign began.”

How it works

Major Accounts includes six sales teams spread out across North America. For six months, each team took turns on month-long projects aimed at making a difference in whatever way they chose. “Each team is free to choose whatever inspires them and works for them,” said Pavalon. “That could be a financial donation, a donation of time, community work, mentorship, totally up to them. We wanted people to choose causes that they’re passionate about, but also enjoy working on them. If you, your family and friends enjoy supporting a particular cause, whatever it is, we’re 100% behind that. We want it to be as genuine and personal as possible.” 

The impact we’re making together.

From feeding families, to housing them and beyond, Pavalon says the freedom to choose has yielded a broad, eclectic range of ways to give back. “We’ve put together virtual food drives. We’re helping school kids get backpacks in Texas. We sent lunches to parents staying at Ronald McDonald House. The Chicago team worked with Habitat for Humanity. But it isn’t about one cause being better than the other. The best stories I hear are about the human connections we’re able to make – becoming connected with our communities and the people in them.”

Getting in on the goodness

More and more people are looking for a higher purpose from their work, and Pavalon thinks DIY initiatives like the Karma Campaign are a great way to make an impact, fast. “I think if every person asked themselves to think of a simple, small act of giving, the world would look a lot different, and I think we would all feel a lot more positive.” Pavalon and the Major Accounts team plan to keep the Karma Campaign rolling, and invite all who are interested to participate. RCers who want to participate can ping Christine directly or explore other ways RingCentral gives back via, our Corporate Social Responsibility program. Not part of RingCentral yet? Join us!

Originally published Aug 18, 2022

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