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RingTerns make their presence felt.

Our Summer 2022 RingTerns give back.


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  • National Intern Day was Thursday, July 28
  • RingTern Volunteer Day helps non-profits Boundless Brilliance and Feel the Beat 

Volunteering for National Intern Day

National Intern Day was established in the US in 2017 to recognize the efforts and achievements of interns. We’ve always known that a good internship can be life-changing, that’s why we equip our RingTerns with specific skills, industry knowledge, challenging projects, and other opportunities for success. This year, in celebration of National Intern Day, our RingTerns put in some serious volunteer work. RingTern Volunteer Day encourages our RingTerns to share their bright ideas, inspire others, and help strengthen their communities. This summer’s cohort of RingTerns had two opportunities to choose from: one group created digital flashcards introducing basic coding concepts, while another learned American Sign Language (ASL) and recorded a heartfelt message for a special birthday girl. 

Coding fosters inclusivity

The digital coding flashcards created by our RingTerns for Boundless Brilliance will be used to encourage young girls to learn to code and enable them to explore the sphere of programming through creative and educational resources. 

John Clapman Product Management Intern, Product Management and

2nd year Master Student at the College of William and Mary shared his experience:

“This was an exciting opportunity to create interest in computer science among young people. The event was well organized and seamless. The flash card templates provided meant that the volunteers could focus on creating meaningful content.”

ASL develops communication skills

Our second group of RingTern volunteers worked with Feel the Beat, an organization that works with the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and those with Special Needs. They were able to record a group video message celebrating a young girl’s birthday and used ASL to communicate their feelings of compassion, goodwill, and kindness.

Erik Alston, University Recruiting Programs RingTern, Talent Management and 

Senior at Tennessee State University reported: 

“Personally I learned so much about the Deaf community and culture. We actually use sign language every day, for simple things such as nodding our head or shrugging our shoulders are sign language even though they’re everyday gestures.” 

Platform Product Management RingTern, Ananya Bishnoi, a junior at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, had a similar experience:

 “I had a great time learning a new language, which will help me be more inclusive and mindful. Sign language is truly an art and I really appreciate learning a bit of it to communicate to a large number of people.”

Impact that lasts

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or still working on your degree, RingCentral Internships [link to internship page] offer plenty of opportunities to help students develop their skills, kick start their careers, and have fun doing it. If you’ve heard anything about our recently published Impact Report, you’ll know how deeply RingCentral is dedicated to helping communities and fostering change. Our RingTern volunteering events play a big role in those efforts – one we hope will grow every year. 

Originally published Aug 22, 2022

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