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When it comes to boosting customer satisfaction through automation, few tools are more effective than an IVR system. At RingCentral, we’ve designed our IVR Builder to provide both ease-of-use and excellent results, helping you develop the ultimate customer experience from the first moment of contact.

Though business phone systems are not the only way to connect with brands, many consumers still prefer to use this channel. In fact, according to Microsoft’s 2018 State of Global Customer Service Report, 44% of Americans would rather communicate with a business over the phone than use any other channel.

To ensure your call center or contact center continues to provide unmatched customer service, use our IVR Builder to improve the calling experience.

What is an interactive voice response system?

What is an interactive voice response system?

First things first. What does IVR stand for? It refers to an Interactive Voice Response system, an important tool for any contact center.

When contact centers receive phone calls, these calls are routed through a phone tree to ensure they reach the right person. Businesses can gather customer information about the callers (Qualification) and quickly route them to the best skilled agents (Skill Based Routing) to, save time and improve the overall caller experience.

How does IVR work?

When using IVR solutions for your contact center, all callers are greeted by a pre-recorded message. Your system then walks the caller through multiple IVR menus, using speech recognition software to guide customers to the service they need.

For example, if a customer calls to speak with a customer service rep about a billing issue, your system will gather identifying information, such as name and account number, to access their history. This is achieved via a set of APIs that enables the IVR to retrieve additional data from back-office systems (e.g. CRM) so that more information is available to answer the customers questions. TheUsing their voice responses, the system can then use pre-recorded FAQ answers to solve common questions.

If the problem is more complex or the customer wants to speak to a live agent, this system can then direct the customer to an agent in the right department. Your contact center agent can see a screen pop of the use the data gathered by the IVR to understand the problem before taking the call, saving the customer from repeating their need. It minimizes the time waiting on hold and the call handle time, improving the overall customer interaction.

What is an IVR builder?

‍To get the best results from your IVR tool, you first need the ability to build custom systems that meet your every need. When looking for a cloud contact center platform, it’s critical to choose a solution that offers a dynamic IVR builder. This The IVR builder tool allows you to choose the menu options you need and the routes inbound calls will take. At RingCentral, we’ve created an IVR builder that allows every business to create the exact system that most benefits their customers. No matter your level of proficiency or system complexity, we can help you build a phone system that works exactly as needed.

Drag-and-drop IVR builder software

Your IVR development processes must allow quick and easy changes. If, for example, you need to let customers know that a business location has closed due to an emergency, your IVR builder should allow you to make this change nearly instantly.

With a drag-and-drop builder, like RingCentral’s tool, IVR building is incredibly simple. This visual IVR software allows you to choose from multiple menu options, including custom prompts. Once you find the option you want, you can simply drag and drop that block into the right spot in your phone tree. This type of tool streamlines multi-level IVR system creation, eliminating any need for programming knowledge and improving your use.

Expanded customization

Though anyone can easily use our IVR Builder tool, we know that you may want to further customize your system through advanced adjustments. If you or someone on your team has Javascript knowledge, you can code a more tailored experience for your customers. For expanded personalization without coding knowledge, you can also work directly with our team of experienced professionals. They can help you create complex automated systems without limiting your IVR system’s potential or causing unnecessary stress for your team.

Benefits of interactive voice response systems

Benefits of interactive voice response systems

The features offered by your call center software are vital to the success of your customer service. When you want to build an IVR system, it’s important to know how this tool can benefit your company and contact center. Below, we’ve listed a few of the many ways using customized IVR software, like RingCentral’s IVR Builder, can elevate your customer experiences.

1. Streamline call routing

Rather than just sending each caller to the next available agent, an IVR system allows your system to determine which agent can best answer and resolve the customer’s issue. In a way, this tool acts like a virtual reception desk, greeting and directing customers to the right place. This allows even the smallest company to seem more professional. It can also reduce call wait times, keeping satisfaction high.

2. Automate data collection

You can save significant agent time by letting data collection systems gather customer information and store it in a knowledge base that your agent can instantly access. Using an automated credit card collection system, for instance, streamlines the billing process and allows your agent to focus on resolving the main problem. Allowing your IVR system to gather information can also improve call routing, making sure each caller speaks to only one person during their experience (First Call Resolution).

3. Create personalized menus

Customization is critical to producing a high-quality automated system, making a dynamic IVR builder key to your use. With the right software solution, you can design a system that meets your customers’ specific needs. Create an option with the day’s ice cream flavors, give callers the option to leave a voicemail, or tell customers how to find your brand on social media. Design an effective system with fast and easy navigation for anyone who calls.

4. Optimize productivity

When your agents spend less time taking customer information and answering common questions, they can devote more time to other tasks. Use your IVR system to optimize your inbound team. With fewer people needed to take calls, you can then strengthen your outbound call team. Alternatively, you can use automation to reduce your workforce and the costs involved. No matter how you choose to implement and benefit your contact center, an IVR system can help.

Ready to take your contact center to the next level with these features and more? Contact our sales staff for a customized demo of RingCentral’s IVR Builder tool today.

Originally published Jun 16, 2020, updated Jan 07, 2024

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