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Introducing an easier way to port your numbers to RingCentral


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Number porting can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Admins often have to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, overcome technical and compatibility issues, all while making sure there are no service interruptions. 

With that in mind, we’re constantly innovating to make daily tasks easier for IT leaders and their teams. That’s why we’re excited to introduce this better, simplified phone number porting process to our user interface, which brings together customer feedback in a seamless, intuitive experience.

What is number porting?

Porting a number is the process of transferring an existing phone number from one telecom provider to another. The process allows you to switch providers while keeping all your same phone numbers.

Whether you want to port mobile numbers, your business landlines, international phone numbers or even freephone numbers and inbound services, number porting allows you to easily transfer an existing phone number from one provider to another in a few steps.

What should you know about RingCentral’s new number porting experience? 

Available only to customers who port United States (US) and Canadian (CA) numbers, here are 3 new, user-led updates to RingCentral’s number porting process. 

1. Better self-service experience to save time and effort 

We’ve enhanced the North American porting submission process to automatically process a local number (TN) list into separate orders by rate center and carrier versus having to submit multiple separate orders individually. Now, you can transfer all your US and CA numbers at once in just five steps, without having to deal with the hassle of multiple orders.

It then automatically groups numbers and splits them into separate orders based on their rate centers and carriers, where you can enter information easily. This makes number porting a simpler and faster process, enhancing self-service experience.

2. Fewer errors, quicker fixes

Inputting the wrong information can cause delays when porting numbers to your new service provider. This new update captures input errors automatically and provides feedback, allowing you to make quick edits to the entries. This means finding and fixing errors instantly without searching through endless amounts of data.

3. Speed up the number porting process 

Our new number porting experience also includes a time-saving feature: the ability to import numbers either by copying and pasting or by using an Excel file. This eliminates the need for IT admins to manually enter each number, significantly reducing the chance of errors and freeing up time for more strategic tasks. With this update, you can import numbers in just a few minutes.

Why port your phone number? 

When considering whether to port your business phone numbers to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), there are several reasons to do so:

  • Cost efficiency: Look for service providers that offer unlimited minutes in the US and Canada, and top tier business communication features with unmatched value. Take advantage of competitive pricing and packages that better suit your business’s budget and needs, potentially reducing your operational costs.
  • Reliable and secure: Switch to a cloud phone provider with less than 6 minutes of downtime, better customer service, and crystal clear call quality.
  • Access to advanced features: Some providers offer advanced telecommunication features that can benefit your business, such as VoIP services, business texting capabilities, advanced call routing rules, auto-replies, automation, and more, while keeping your phone number(s).

RingCentral’s new number porting experience is now available to customers who port US and CA numbers to RingCentral. Learn how to port your business phone numbers to RingCentral here.

Originally published Mar 04, 2024

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