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RingCentral & Liquid Voice | A single pane of glass to view and analyze all your recording interactions


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In our world where businesses are increasingly driven by data and AI, communication still reigns king, and thus AI-driven recording interactions are also a must. 

RingCentral and Liquid Voice have partnered together to pair the #1 UCaaS and CCaaS solution with a fully integrated next-generation interaction recording and analytics platform. With this partnership, businesses not only ensure regulatory compliance and secure communication data archiving, but will also be able to powerfully activate and leverage their interaction data (live and legacy) to drive impactful outcomes.

Single Pane of Glass for all recording interactions

By consolidating voice, text and other interaction recordings from across RingCentral MVP, RingCentral Contact Center, RingCX, or other existing premise or cloud-based systems into a single data store, businesses gain total clarity and actionability through Liquid Voice’s single pane of glass.

Import legacy interactions

Liquid Voice’s unique differentiator as an archiving platform comes from their ability to extract and import legacy interactions into their storehouses. Regardless of manufacturer, live or legacy, Liquid Voice’s resilient platform can ingest the data and bring them into their hosted on-premise systems or cloud servers. 

Save costs and prevent heartaches

By leveraging Liquid Voice, businesses effectively reduce costs, energy consumption, and ensure compliance requirements are met. Liquid Voice also automatically removes toxic data and redacts personal information before applying full encryption, and then secures the final data for archival and analysis.

Benefits of the joint technology between RingCentral and Liquid Voice: 

Through the partnership, RingCentral customers leveraging Liquid Voice for their interaction recordings will experience a multitude of benefits, including:

  1. Unified global enterprise: Enterprises are becoming more global and when powered through RingCentral’s global network and redundant infrastructure, interaction recordings naturally need a global management system as well. Liquid Voice delivers this and more by being fully integrated with RingCentral MVP, RingCentral Contact Center, and RingCX. Global enterprise complexity becomes simplified with RingCentral’s scalable platform and Liquid Voice’s single pane of glass that enables viewing and analyzing all stored recording interactions.
  2. Streamlined migration path: As businesses migrate to the cloud, each must move at their own pace and own way. RingCentral and Liquid Voice help smooth that transition by offering a single repository for interaction archival that works across RingCentral’s highly flexible cloud architecture as well the various pre-existing providers systems businesses may be coming from. The net result: businesses gain ultimate flexibility for a streamlined migration path that ensures compliance, security, and optimal transformation from premise to the cloud or even in a hybrid deployment motion.
  3. Accelerated and impactful responses: Public safety, legal battles, and security breach concerns grow each year, Liquid Voice’s AI-powered analytics and real-time systems make all the difference. Instantaneous chronologically sequenced recording interactions elevate response teams to more effectively take action. Recordings are automatically stitched together across UCaaS and CCaaS, CCTV, body cam, and other data sources. The future becomes clearer when teams gain the broadest view, analyze surfaced trends, doubleclick for deeper investigation, and ultimately drive preventative measures or data-driven changes.
  4. Reduced carbon footprint: Hardware is gradually transitioning from an investment to be owned, to technology to be leveraged. This coincides with cloud adoption but also because businesses recognize that owning isn’t everything, and in fact a bigger vision around sustainability and owning an environmental mission matters both for customers and workers. Join the higher mission with RingCentral and Liquid Voice, as we centralize communication and interaction archives within the cloud to impact our world by reducing emissions and waste.

Liquid Voice in partnership with RingCentral is initially available in the US, CA, UK, and AU, with additional expansion countries coming soon. For more information about RingCentral and Liquid Voice, or to view a demo, book a meeting here.

Originally published Oct 10, 2023, updated Oct 17, 2023

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