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AI-first contact center solution

AI-powered contact center: simple to use and easy to deploy

Smarter customer experiences made simple.
Play video thumbnail: Messages as seen in the RingCX app
Play video thumbnail: Messages as seen in the RingCX app
Play video thumbnail: Messages as seen in the RingCX app
  • Before, during and
    post interactions
  • AI-based Workforce Engagement
Rich omnichannel
  • Single pane of glass for
    voice and all digital
  • Omnichannel reporting and analytics
  • Administer from
    a single interface
  • Pre-packaged deployment options
  • Unified with RingEX App
  • Key CRM integrations
Best value
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
A woman using the RingCX Sentiment Analysis feature on her laptop
A woman using the RingCX Sentiment Analysis feature on her laptop
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Experience our AI-powered contact center in action

RingCX is an easy-to-deploy omnichannel contact center that empowers support teams to create effortless customer experiences.

App integrations available at the RingCentral Video App such as Salesforce and Zendesk

Integrate with leading CRMs like Salesforce and Zendesk, as well as other business tools.

The simple yet powerful contact center solution

Improve customer engagement and employee satisfaction with AI-powered tools that drive successful interactions.

Turn agents into super agents

Create more productive reps with automated intelligence and easy-to-use tools.

Leverage AI-generated summaries for reduced post-call work

Equip agents with AI-generated summaries and transcripts, enhancing efficiency and enabling more effective customer interactions.

Navigate all channels with ease

Seamlessly manage inbound and outbound conversations using voice, video and 20+ digital channels in a single unified agent experience.

Free up agents to handle complex cases

Let automated, interactive voice response technology and virtual agents handle routine customer questions and enable your team to focus on more challenging issues.
A male agent providing support while an AI chatbot handles a simple package delivery inquiry
The RingCX Coaching dashboard showing total calls, scorecards, and other agent performance data

Coach teams to achieve customer success

Utilize RingSense AI for real-time guidance, automatic call scoring, and more.

Improve customer interactions with real-time guidance

Transform agents into a strategic asset with AI-powered tools like Agent Assist coaching and suggested actions.

Streamline interaction reviews

Leverage AI Quality Management for automated conversation summaries, scoring, and feedback.

Gain a birds-eye view with live dashboards and reports

Leverage more than 250 out-of-the-box reports or choose from over 350 available metrics to create live custom reports and dashboards across all channels and agents.

Manage an efficient and effective CX operation

All of the contact center essentials from a solution committed to future innovation.

Benefit from the lowest total cost of ownership

RingCX provides cost-effective solutions, offering a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with plans starting at just $65, featuring predictable, fixed-rate pricing.

Access rich CX business insights

Gain real-time access to crucial performance data, including call volumes and agent performance, and Conversation Analytics, such as customer sentiment and trending topics.

Deliver exceptional customer service with a future-proof solution

Empower your business to adapt to changing customer demands and maintain competitiveness with a solution designed using automation and AI.
A call center manager coaching a female agent during a live call

Elevate your customer experience with AI

Empower agents and supervisors with time-saving automation and intelligence.
An AI chatbot responds to a client query in the RingCentral chat support feature
An AI chatbot responds to a client query in the RingCentral chat support feature

Intelligent Virtual Agents

Empower your customer experience with AI that provides smart, responsive, 24/7 virtual support.
The host conversation metrics of RingCX
The host conversation metrics of RingCX

Quality Management

Enhance service excellence with advanced tools for personalized agent coaching, interaction monitoring, and improving call quality.
Product guide cover: A smiling female call center agent on a customer call

Smarter conversations start here

RingCX is designed for businesses of all sizes to take their customer experiences to the next level. Find out more in our product guide.

Meeting and exceeding global standards for security and privacy

Built on a secure cloud platform with a robust portfolio of security and compliance certifications, as well as compliance with global regulations.

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