They say if you want to make the universe laugh, tell it your plans. There’s no way around it, however well we may plan for success, disruptions will arise from unforeseen obstacles. Whilst these problems can cause us headaches in business, it is often how we are able to solve them that determines our success.

What if you could stay on top of communications no matter how many spanners are thrown in the works? When it comes to today’s communication systems, you have plenty of options.

When the weather turns bad, conditions outside can make it a real challenge to get into work. Just because you are out of the office, doesn’t mean the phone will stop ringing. Whether it’s snowflakes or trees that are falling, you can be safe and sound at home answering your work calls directly from your computer desktop or smartphone app.

If the weather isn’t cancelling public transport, there’s always the chance that strikes, technical problems or lack of staff can leave prospects and/or customers waiting around or queuing longer than they wish. And whilst you are waiting for the next over-packed bus to come along, that conference call begins to look harder and harder to reach on time. But don’t despair; you can simply jump on a call from your laptop or mobile wherever you are.

Ever get those manic times where you have to cope with picking up the slack of absent co-workers? Whether that bug is going around or colleagues are taking some well-deserved time off, there will always be times when absent colleagues create a weak link in communications. But instead of headless-chicken-mode, by activating call forwarding, callers can automatically be diverted to a range of suitable individuals or even entire teams who are best placed to help. A far less stressful way to manage additional call volumes.

So the next time the universe starts throwing those spanners into your works, RingCentral will be there to figuratively massage those temples and keep you on the right track. Check out the infographic below to help make sure you don’t let future disruptions turn your business upside-down:Headache sheet disruption-01