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Don’t Fear the Mouse: Finding Solutions in Unusual Places


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ISV Sikka blog Recently, I spoke to about a thousand people from the dental industry in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center for the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting. We were part of the New Product Forum, a discussion on new game-changing products for the dental industry.

We were all listening with rapt attention to the speaker who was before me when, from the far side of the auditorium, we heard waves of frantic shouting and yelping. There were people jumping up and sitting with both feet on their chairs. The commotion was so disruptive that the attendees, camera crew, organizers and speaker were completely shocked and were wondering what to do. A thousand people in two large combined ballrooms creates a sea of humans. There was confusion everywhere.

The cause for the disruption was a tiny mouse running underneath peoples’ chairs right between their feet, confused and bewildered in its own right. It didn’t know where to go or what to do. Meanwhile, the speaker was desperately trying to get peoples’ attention by yelling at the top of his voice and trying to continue presenting on his topic.

During all this activity, I was thinking that I have to present next and that my talk will be ruined. What will I say? How will I keep all these dental professionals attention on my practice optimization talk? When the organizers called me to speak, I stood up, walked to the podium, and softly said, “Repeat after me; I am not afraid of the mouse.” There was a roar of laughter and everyone forgot about the rodent.

Finding solutions to unexpected problems sometimes involves changing your approach and questioning the status quo. The mouse may have appeared frightening but, I assure you, he was having a much worse day trying to escape the crowd. Sikka Software took this same approach to challenging the norm when teaming up with RingCentral IP to create Call Optimizer™.


Previously, providers would not know who was calling until they picked up the phone and pulled out a chart. Like the mouse, solutions to phone interactions are confusing and unclear, with many variables including patient questions, payment and appointment selections. For retail healthcare providers, including dentists and veterinarians, this adds significant time to the patient phone interactions.

Call Optimizer revolutionizes the patient/provider interaction by providing patient details automatically when they call. The app has a pop-up box that populates with specific patient information. Call Optimizer helps you:

  • Know Who is Calling: The app allows personal and professional phone interactions by providing the patient’s name and contact information. The guarantor’s details, as well as information about all their family members, are displayed, so the front desk can answer questions for each client.
  • Check Benefits and Account Balances: Remaining dental benefits are displayed so patients can receive an estimate of upcoming procedure costs.  Account balances show outstanding balances which allows the front desk to initiate payment.
  • Revisit Care Details: Answer questions about previous care with recent appointment information and care notes. See future upcoming appointments to ensure patients are following treatment plans and receiving optimal oral healthcare.

To request a demo, and take advantage of limited time pricing of $75 per month, click here.

About Sikka Software 

Sikka Software provides a platform for small and medium-sized business healthcare apps. The company’s products help healthcare providers and other small businesses optimize their business via a series of easy to use cloud-based applications. With over 32 apps built on Sikka Platform Cloud with over 17,500 installations, Sikka Software is the leader in the US Dental, Animal Health and Hearing Care markets. The company is now supporting a real time optimization and information network with providers, patients, consultants, manufacturers and financial service provides.

A privately-held company, Sikka Software is headquartered in San Jose, California. More information may be found at

Originally published Apr 13, 2016, updated Aug 11, 2020

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