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Hustle mode: Leomar’s success story


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“My entire life can be summed up in four words: I hustled. I Conquered.”
– Anonymous


That’s probably how Leomar would sum up his life too. As someone who has been hustling hard ever since he was a student, he knows what struggle means and how to overcome it to succeed.


Born to a butcher father and a homemaker, Leomar, now 24, recently graduated from college with a degree in Computer Network Administration. It is a milestone in his life that he takes pride in. Being the first in his paternal family to get a degree, Leomar has every right to be proud. But more than the diploma, it’s securing a ticket to a brighter future for him and his family that keeps him working hard.


Hustle Hard, Play Harder

Like any other road to success, Leomar’s has its own bumps and cracks. In his junior and senior years in college, he had to make a huge decision. To help his parents with the expenses including his tuition and allowance, he decided to work part-time as a rider for a local passenger transport and curb-side delivery service. Spending his weekends on the road wasn’t an easy situation. But he knew that every person that he would transport and item he’d deliver would contribute to his ultimate goal –– finish his studies and give his family a better life.


College years filled with challenges taught Leomar to consciously balance work and life. Whenever he would get stressed or tired, he knew all he needed was to rest and recharge. Apart from going to different places with his bicycle, mobile gaming has been Leomar’s go-to activity whenever he needed an escape. In his free time, he would spend hours playing his favorite mobile games with friends. A welcome chance to rest, relax, and connect with his peers.


Hard Work Pays Off

Leomar’s last two years in college passed so fast. The next thing he knew he was  looking for a company for his internship; a company where he could hopefully join as an employee. According to Leomar, it was hearing about the way RingCentral molds its employees to be champions which caught his attention. He signed up for the Ringternship program and experienced first-hand how RingCentral nurtures its employees, interns included – 360 degrees. And just as when he was starting to get the hang of it, COVID-19 struck. But even a pandemic couldn’t stop Leomar’s drive to succeed. With RingCentral and his university’s prompt response to the situation, his internship continued which eventually led to his employment.


After years of hard work, determination, and perseverance, Leomar has found a destination and a home at RingCentral. Asked what his next goal is, he said,  “I know getting a degree was just a stepping stone. My real journey starts here at RingCentral. To where? Perhaps to more years of success.”


Originally published Sep 29, 2020, updated Feb 24, 2021

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