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Road to leadership: Karl’s success story


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Cycling has become a common form of physical exercise. It’s a type of activity that can be done by men and women  of all ages. And because of its health benefits, more and more people have added cycling to their list of hobbies. But for Karl, this is more than exercise. Riding a bike is  a stress reliever and quick escape from reality. His love for cycling has changed his mindset and personality for the better. They’re the same two aspects of himself that improved after joining RingCentral. 


Being part of RingCentral Manila’s Ringternship program under the Global Services and Solutions department, Karl was one of the Ringterns who managed to complete their internship hours even under the quarantine period. As part of the program, Karl, together with his batchmates, was given training that focused on his technical skills and personality development.  Little did he know, those training sessions were just the start of his journey in RingCentral. Because as he finished his internship, he got an offer to join the company as a Tier 1 Technical Support Representative and was recently promoted to Associate Contact Center Implementations Engineer.


Drive and Destination

Reason and destination are two things that are common between cyclists and aspiring leaders. And Karl’s story proves just that. Growing up in a broken family and not being able to meet his Father, Karl has found himself surviving by focusing on what he has instead of what he doesn’t. At an early age, he already knew that for him to move forward, he had to learn to accept things and just focus on what lies ahead. And despite all the struggles, Karl’s greatest motivation remained his family and the possibility that one day, they will all be together. With that vision, Karl never stopped working hard. Along his journey to greatness, he developed his love for cycling. This has been his companion helping him to always see the good side of things and of the world. As his go-to activity for stress relief and leisure, Karl would always find himself on his bicycle going to different places, exploring different adventures after a week of hard work. With a reason to move forward and a destination to go to, Karl is definitely a leader to look out for. 


His Future’s Own Leader

Being a leader has been in Karl’s DNA ever since he was in college. As the President of his university’s IT Organization for AY 2019-2020, he knew how important it was to become an example to the other students. And that’s what he did, he worked hard as a student, and as a young leader, to make his organization successful while counting milestones for himself. Despite the busy schedule given all his endeavors, Karl stayed motivated because he knew all his decisions today would impact his future tomorrow. 


Turns out he was right. Being ready for what the corporate world tosses his way means he is ready for  real-life challenges. Karl knows he can handle whatever life throws his way.  And he knows that wherever he is going in his journey with RingCentral, it is a destination that is great and worthwhile.


Originally published Oct 05, 2020, updated Dec 30, 2022

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