If you need to be notified of your voicemail or fax messages via text message (aka SMS), all you have to do is indicate your phone number and carrier in the Notifications Text Message section of your RingCentral online account settings.

To get to the Notifications page:

> Settings > My Inbound > Messages and Notifications > Notifications

> Type in your phone number

> On the drop-down list, click on the name of your carrier

> Save

Just in case you don’t find your carrier on the list, not to worry.

Simply get in touch with your carrier and ask for the email address that you need to type into the Phone Number box, for example, 4155551212@mycellular.com.

In case you are wondering when you’ll actually be able to send and receive text messages using your RingCentral service, we remain committed to bringing you this feature in 2012.  We are, however, unable to provide any specifics about timelines.  Please stand by – we’ll bring you any further updates from our product team as we hear them.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr user kiwanja.